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  • Published June 17, 2012
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For a good number of people, watching movies or television is simply a way of passing time or finding a pass time activity to help forget the many complex problems that many people are facing in this increasingly challenging life. The 24 Seasons 1-8 DVD Boxset however is one series that revolves around the real; life possibilities that anyone living at the present can face without necessarily influencing the same.

While the media has been increasingly criticized for the negative influence that it has on the youth and teens in particular, it is important to note that some movie houses still take their time to produce some good clips that have a direct bearing on the moral aspects of modern lifestyles.

With the crime rates in some cities across the world soaring to alarming rates, it is important to note that some actionable measures should be put in place and implemented in an effort to educate the teens and youth in particular not to fall victims to the vice. They say what you see sticks more in your head more than what you hear. And what you do is even more lasting. When it comes to the aspect of crime and drug abuse, it is better to see or watch rather than try to experiment with dangerous things.

When the youth have an opportunity to watch movies that touch on the things that are likely to affect them in their regular activities, they have the privilege of storing some of that information and as a result will most likely stand a chance of making the right decision whenever the need arises. Drug abuse is equally a bid problem mot only in America but the rest of the world as well and the most vulnerable age groups that can easily fall prey to the unscrupulous peddlers are the teens and adventurous youth.

The situation is much worse if the youth do not have any gainful activities that occupy them since they are likely to start experimenting with different substances. In order to reduce the urge to try anything that comes your way, some level of education and advise on such matters is vital and episodes or clips such as the 24 Seasons 1-8 DVD Boxset can always go away in helping parents to communicate the dangers of crime to their youthful or teenage children.

By parents sparing some time of their busy schedules to watch episodes from such series with their family members especially the teens and youth who are likely to take some daring risks, they can get the chance to instill some important information into the children without having to call for very serious formal family meetings that are likely to invoke the kids into defensive mood.

It is however important to always try to offer some parental advice to teens so that they do not misinterpret whatever they see or watches on television so that they do not go astray. This is because at times, an innocent child with a wild side may be watching an action packed movie without any criminal intent but the way the criminal ion the movie carries himself and behaves in the cast suddenly invokes some admiration in the teen and before you realize it as a parent, they are busy on a mission to do just like that negative character in the cast.

Anyway it is always hoped that the parents will take the opportunity to explain things in a broader perspective to their kids. The children should at all times be made to understand that crime rarely thrives above the good and it is a good thing that in many of the seasons, the criminal hardly gets away completely. Such endings will act as a major deterrent to any of the adventurous kids who may harbor adventurous traits that may be invoked to the negative.

In every one there is a certain thing that brings excitement. It is for this reason that every one has their dislikes and likes and even when it comes to the types of movies that people watch, these differences can be noticed. A number of people like investigative movies while others like action packed ones and others still prefer the comedies. If you are the investigative movie lover, this is a series that you should never miss. The way the actions unfold in the 24 Seasons 1-8 DVD Boxset, you will be kept in suspense and at the edge of your seat all through the twenty-four hour breakdown of the happenings.

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