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  • Author Luke Bouman
  • Published July 31, 2012
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The terms for locating the most beneficial Lake Michigan housing for sale are highly contingent upon not just your intention for buying, but also your very own tastes in the home as well as environment. Here we are going to discuss ideas on how to find the best houses for sale on Lake Michigan which suit both your budget as well as your particular interests. We're going to analyze highlights for every primary goal in selecting a home, for which there are 2: One is that of investment, along with the other is selecting a location to live.

For Investment

Lake Michigan properties offers both short-term and long term investment opportunities for competent investors. Whether you’re considering establishing a monthly income by renting or you’re very likely to sell for profit, below are a few suggestions for finding profitable bargains on Lake Michigan real estate.


Home foreclosure information is available for the general public to evaluate. While some homes are foreclosed on at a loss to the lender due to depreciation, there are numerous circumstances in which the amount essential for the lender is significantly less than that of the assessment value. Look online or talk with your agent about possible investment opportunities through home foreclosures.


Consumers declaring bankruptcy is yet another matter of public knowledge, and this can be used to your advantage as an opportunist. Not every person filing for bankruptcy is going to own their very own residence, however, many will; and some will be in a position to simply accept a low-ball offer.

For Living

The coastal area of Michigan is an ideal destination to live for a multitude of individuals and families. For many people, the position of the residence and also the details of the metropolis in which you will live are equally as essential as the dwelling and suitability of the property itself. Once you have decided the city which best suits you, it’s time for you to search within that city for the greatest solutions.

Look for Deals

Try to narrow down your list of homes you’re considering to sellers who will work with you. Perhaps there exists a seller who is willing to pay your closing costs. Evaluate every piece of real estate with a critical eye for structural damage or alternatives in décor or furnishings. Many sellers will be willing to cover the expense of redecorating to suit your requirements before entering into a contract.


Whether you’re searching for a great investment or a new spot to live, negotiations are definitely the key to any advantageous transaction - especially property. Make sure you have a versatile lender and a dedicated agent that will help you find and negotiate the most beneficial deals on Lake Michigan real estate for sale.

Luke Bouman, CRS is a Lake Michigan Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent with a Bachelors Degree in Business earned at Calvin College. As a lifelong resident of Holland, MI Luke offers both buyers and sellers an intimate working knowledge of the city and the properties available. To work with Luke Bouman to find the best price on Lake Michigan homes for sale, visit

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