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What is Swarovski? In the world of jewelry-making, this is a title that is always remarked about but a majority of or some people don’t actually know what is Swarovski. Well, to provide you with a short explanation, Swarovski is a firm that is legendary for manufacturing special crystals through jewelries, collectible figurines, and other jewelry ingredients. It was started in 1895 in Austria. Their copyrighted technology had received them international acclamation as it generated premium, lustrous and uniquely effervescent crystal beads. Though there are other precious crystals and beads that are available today, but Swarovski continued to be over the top as the cream of the crop manufacturer of top quality crystals in the market.


Swravoski was basically named from its owner Daniel Swarovski, a Northern Bohemian and previously known as Daniel Swartz. He is a son to a glass cutter who owns a small glass manufacturing area. It is in this factory that he worked for an apprenticeship and turn into a highly trained glass cutter. He patented an electric glass cutting machine in 1892 which assisted the creation of crystal glass. In 1895, the Swarovski company was started by financier Armand Kosman and Franz Weis. This company develop a crystal cutting factory that make use of local hydroelectric power to assist the energy-intensive milling whole process Daniel Swarovski.

Now how do they construct sparkling Swarovski crystals?

They make crystal glass that allows light to refract in a rainbow spectrum. In order to complete it and to develop a glossy impact, they coat the crystal glass with metallic coatings like Aurora Borealis (AB) which gives a rainbow appearance, Crystal Transmission, Aurum, Dorado, and Volcano. Coatings can be applied on part of the glass crystal or coated twice. Later on, variations of glass cutting techniques emerged like the copyrighted cut Xilion which is designed to optimize the brilliance of Roses (components that have flat backs) and the Chatons or diamond cut. Other products of Swarovski are Tyrolit - the makers of abrasive trimming tools, Swareflex - the refractive and luminous road markings, Signity - the artificial and all-natural gemstones and Swarovski Optik - the optical instruments like rifle scopes and binoculars.

Swarovski At present

Swarovski is more than simply an identity now. It’s even more of a lifestyle as it goes on to develop and broaden its extent, not just for in making jewelry, figurine making, cutting tools, road markings, but it also has combined with electronics giant Philips to build "Active Crystals" consumer electronics array such as the 6 USB Memory Keys, 4 in-ear headphones, Bluetooth wireless earpieces. All these products have Swarovski crystals on it as a decoration.

Some other exceptional production is the Swarovski figurines which have been great collector’s items. Among the initial figurine produced is the stylized mouse. This also has a smaller version which they dubbed the "replica mouse". They have designed various types of figurines from ladybugs and to Disney edition collectibles.

Swarovski has come a long way especially when it relates to jewelry creation. There are lots of beads and also other made by hand jewelry pieces which make use of these precious shining crystals - from day-to-day wear to Swarovski jewelries that are specially designed and crafted by memorable jewelers and worn by world renowned personalities.

Swarovski jewelries assure one of a kind splendour that will accentuate men and women alike. From Swarovski rings, necklace, bracelets, earrings to brooches, all promise class. Wedding necklace, wedding earrings and wedding bracelet built with Swarovski crystals are the best picks.

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