Why You Should Consider a Grand Canyon Bus Tour from Las Vegas

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  • Published June 26, 2012
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If you really wish to see the Grand Canyon but find that you aren't interested in an air tour, the bus tour from Las Vegas might just give you what you want. As one of the natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon receives millions of visitors on an annual basis. A motor coach leaving from Las Vegas will take you in comfort to the South or West rim of this majestic canyon.

Bus tours typically pick up their passengers just outside their Las Vegas hotels, driving from one hotel to the next until all tour guests are aboard. This of course means you won't have to take public transportation or even rent a car to get to the tour. The drive to the Grand Canyon will require a few hours, but there will be a convenient break along the way.

Sometimes a Grand Canyon bus tour will include breakfast, and this will save you a considerable amount of time. You should also choose a tour that's narrated by an experienced guide, preferably a Hualapai Native American. Your guide will share interesting information about the Grand Canyon region, and if you're lucky enough to have a native guide, you'll get the unique perspective of someone whose ancestors have lived near the canyon for thousands of years.

Your bus driver will take you from one stop to the next along the canyon's rim, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to take stunning photos. There are many interesting things on the tour, and the Grand Canyon is just one of them. For example, some bus tours go off the highway and stop at a Joshua tree forest, and some give their passengers the opportunity to shop at the Historic Village District.

You could also visit a historic train station in the area, and you may even want to look at the Hualapai culture. In the area you will find a number of Bighorn sheep, and you might learn quite a bit about the wildlife. If you can, choose a Grand Canyon bus that stops at the skywalk as this will give you the opportunity to walk out from Eagle Point and look into the Colorado River below.

Although the day will be long, you won't need to bring lunch because one will be provided. You will be provided with a picnic lunch on one particular tour package; there are other tours however that will call for you to eat on the bus. Among the things you do need to bring however are a camera, sunglasses, a hat and of course sunscreen. The temperature during the daytime will be a bit hot, but you should bring a jacket for the nighttime.

Your Grand Canyon bus will be air conditioned, but you'll be hot after all that time in the desert, so grab a bottle of water from the cooler once you re-board. The drive back to Las Vegas is long, so you will need to replenish your system.

The drive is a it long, even though the tour is fun. This is precisely why buses have lots of leg room along with onboard movies. You won't need to bring your portable DVD player for entertainment.

Different Grand Canyon tour packages have different prices. You could go with a basic tour, or you might throw in some extras with an upgrade. Corporate tours and groups can sometimes get a discount. You may also find a lower price by booking online rather than in person.

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