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  • Published June 29, 2012
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The future of South Park has been up in the air for a little while. The show ending their mid season episode on a strange note that left many people wondering. Of course they have an additional few episodes left for the end of the season, but the future thereafter has been a matter of great speculation.

What happened in the last episode? South Park Seasons 1-15 DVD Box Set

The last episode aired to date features the main character Stan as he is getting older. He recently has a birthday and started to dislike many of the things he previously liked, such as music. In this episode everything he hears and eventually sees literally turns to excrement. In a classic gross-out, South Park fashion they come across a point. During this episode Stan's parents start to grow apart and disagree with each other more than they usually do. This leads to Stan's friends not wanting to hang out will him any more as they feel he is a buzz kill. This also leads to his friends Kyle and Eric playing and laughing with one another though they are typically enemies and bitter rivals. This cynical outlook on life leads Stan to visit a doctor. The doctor plays newer music for him that he feels sounds like excrement and then plays some older classic style music for him that has the same result. This leads the doctor to a diagnosis that he is stuck between liking what old and young people like in a disorder known as being a cynical A-hole.

Deeper than normal reflections

In this episode they reflected upon more deeply rooted feelings than other episodes. This is because the characters opinions seem to specifically reflect the views of the creators. You can tell that they are burnt out and want to be known for things that are more creative and less low brow. The creators of the show have since written a very successful Broadway musical about the Mormon religion. The program has undergone several changes over the years. There have been many revamps such as better animation styles and with that a more in depth writing. Undertones and lessons are featured seamlessly throughout the show and make it a very entertaining thing to watch. If you were not a fan of the show when it first aired to do its perceived intention to be merely for shock value you will be surprised by the contemporary episodes. They are over the top and feature some shock value, but focus more on having a good story with identifiable characters.

You're getting old

The episode entitled you're getting old ending with a dramatic twist. A sad montage shows Stan's family packing up and moving and his parents presumably getting divorced. The writers have stated that this does not mean the show is going to end. Much concern over whether or not the show would continue arose from the last aired episode. This was addressed on Comedy Central's daily show shortly thereafter. They stated that though it was clear to see that they were strained and tired of the show in some regards that it did not mean the show was going to end.

In fact one might go so far as to speculate that this is the show's creators going one step further to "mess with" the general public. South Park has been known for doing things to get a rise out of their audience. Being one of the first shows to use the S word, and over 100 times in one episode is just one claim to fame of the show. Keep in mind that this is the same show that was popularized for a character by the name of Mr. Hanky who was a Christmas themed piece of poo. So, it is a good idea not to read too much into the underlying messages of the most recent show. What this means for the show is that they are definitely finishing the season and more than likely going to be renewed for another one. An important thing to take into consideration is that even though the creators of South Park have tired of being associated with the program this television show has not at all declined in quality. South Park continues to push the envelope and be a very watch able and quality show, unlike programs such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, which have both run out of relevant ideas due to having seemingly inferior writing staffs, which is very much not the case with South Park.Check More DVD Movies, please visit our web.

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