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  • Published July 8, 2012
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There are many shows on the air right now that all use one, common technique to start the show, and that is by having one of the main characters narrate the events that have happened in the past, or are currently happening in their life today. How I Met Your Mother is one of these shows, and also features a cast that portray quirky, crazy and downright inappropriate characters that keep the show entertaining and addictive.

The episodes open with Ted Mosby, the narrator, sitting in front of his two children, explaining to them about all the problems, relationships and bumps in the road he went through over the years, just to finally find and marry their mom. The children are featured in the beginning, and sometimes at the end of the episode, but obviously never appear in the storyline. The stories their father tells them always include the same group of friends that he had before he met his wife, and it is clear that these friends are still a part of his life, because the kids know them by name. The scene always begins as a flashback to a time and specific memory that Ted has.

One of Ted's closest friends is Marshall Erikson, who has been in his life since college, where they also met Lily Aldrin. They all become very good friends, Marshall and Lily date for nine years, and eventually they all live together in an apartment in New York. Marshall is a loyal, lovable man that loves Lily, and takes his role as friend very seriously. The constant struggles he has within himself, for doing what he thinks is right, adds a realistic and emotional side to the series that makes him very relate-able.

The character of Lily is fun, quirky and a little bit disgusting, in an unoffensive way. She is very connected to Marshall, and has no problem talking to him about very personal issues and being completely involved in his life. She is also down to earth, and not too girly to hang out with the guys, and do guy things. Lily adds a lot of spunk and depth to the storyline, and she is easily someone you would want to spend time with if you could.

Barney is another one of Ted's friends, and he has self proclaimed himself as Ted's best friend. This character is a womanizing, money loving con artist, who prides himself on getting women to fall for him, and then disappearing and escaping any type of commitment. He becomes friends with everyone in the group, but insists that there is a bro code that should always be followed between the guys. Barney is a man that you love to hate, and even if you do not agree with his way of life, you can't help but smile as he imposes his theories and convictions onto everyone else in the group.

The last character that is introduced into this oddly matched up group, is Robin Scherbatsky. Robin is classically beautiful, and it is no surprise that more than one member of the group falls for her throughout the series. She is originally from Canada and her need to hold onto her roots, while embracing being a New Yorker is what makes her so likable. She is driven, and you can't help but cheer her on as she strives to reach her goals, and land the career of her dreams. Ted instantly falls in love with her, but Robin isn't looking for the same kind of commitment. Even as you watch the relationship bloom and dwindle, the narrator has already made it clear that "Aunt Robin" is not the mother.

Most of the scenes for this comedy are set in the apartment where Ted, Marshall and Lily live, and they include the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and the roof of the building. The apartment is not fancy or filled with expensive furniture or other items, but comfortable, and filled with things that you would find in your own home. The other setting where they spend most of their time, is sitting in a booth at a bar called MacLaren's, where the atmosphere seem so inviting, that you wouldn't mind spending time with them there.

All of the characters involved in How I Met Your Mother are very different from each other, but somehow they are all familiar, and we have all met someone like them. The situations they go through are realistic, and remind you of your own life and what you have been through. But at the same time, some of the situations are beyond our own reality, and reminds us of what we hope to do, and makes us grateful for our family and friends.

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