Reaching the Level Cap in TERA Online

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  • Author Micah Montagno
  • Published August 25, 2012
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The newest MMORPG, TERA, has taken the video game world by storm with its innovative mixture of MMORPG and action that brings together new and old elements to gamers around the world.

TERA's visual style is comparable to Japanese anime that features a variety of characters, such as the unusual yet funny rat like PoPori. Combine that feel with a no holds barred sense of violent and blood splattering action, the game's developers have created a unique experience. This mixture of game style is spread across TERA's 60 levels of adventure that possesses a complicated leveling process that can be only be mastered with the right guidance.

The motives for reaching level 60 as quickly as possible in TERA are comparable to that in other MMORPG games, but with an added reason too. Your character is obviously at their strongest and most powerful once they reached that coveted highest level. Playing these characters at this level is far more exciting, mainly due to the more expansive range of possibilities that can be uncovered at lower levels. The most rare gear, most destructive weapons, and best armor can be used or worn by them.

The most impressive battles and edge of the seat action are generally present at the optimum level of an MMORPG like TERA. Everything is accessible to your character once you reach level 60. No matter if it's raiding, questing, PvP, or just more exploration, your character will be able to do and see everything in the game. In other words, Level 60 in TERA gives your character independence, strength, exhilaration, treasure, and the game's most extraordinary locations and nasty foes. These are all the reasons gamers play these types of game anyway.

There may be one more reason to get to the highest possible level in TERA as quickly as possible. The game is completely new, and you are going to be able to see everything with a completely fresh point of view and experience the development of the game as it evolves. You may never forget the honor of being one of the very first Level 60 characters in a brand spanking new game.

Every MMORPG include "chains" of quests which should be implemented to provide faster leveling than haphazardly questing through the game. There are some useful guides available that presents a distinct system to adhere to that can guide you down a fast and painless path to the coveted Level 60 and allow you to experience everything TERA has to offer.

If you get stuck at any point in the game whether it be leveling or completing quests you can always pick up a TERA crafting guide to help you out. These books generally have loads of invaluable tips for new and seasoned players for leveling, earning gold, finishing quests and even defeating the bosses.

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