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  • Published July 30, 2012
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Jade is very desirable and this is due the fact that it helps to make us think about far away exotic and romantic destinations, thrilling routines, as well as the elegance of the natures natural presents. Nearly everyone has owned a beautiful piece of jade jewellery at some time or another. But if you have not yet acquired jade up to now then you definitely are missing out on a totally beautiful and elegant look as there is an array of stunning designs to be had that has been rafted from this amazing far eastern natural stone. If your favourite piece to wear is earrings, a jewellery necklace or maybe a bracelet you will be able to find a design that suits your desired taste. If you do not have a design crafted from this then now is the time for you to acquire one.

Jade is not only used to produce earrings and bracelets and no longer is it only available to use in shades of green as most of use believe. You are able to find carved and plain pendants, handcrafted earrings and bead bracelets crafted into unique and beautiful designs. You are able to also obtain jade in different colours from pale green to black and every shade in-between. As well, the variations in the type of design of jade jewellery go from funky and fun pieces to traditional pieces whose designs have been crafted in the same way for centuries. You are also able to purchase pieces where this majestic natural stone has been set in precious gold and platinum. There is certainly a jade jewellery design on the market to suit the tastes off everyone.

Types of Jade jewellery

Jade pendants come in many different forms, they can be delicate carved pieces that have been formed into shapes of animals like bears, dolphins, birds, dragons and more. Some of the pendants where hung from gold chains and some sat on leather straps.

Pendants in the shape of ovals, teardrops and circles are delicate and pretty and may be worn simply to compliment the most informal of our outfits to the most classic and formal outfit.

Heart pendants are very romantic and absolutely beautiful and they make the ultimate romantic gift and one of these given as a present for valentine’s day would be treasured forever by the owner and is the ultimate way to say I love you

You can find many other versions of jade pendants in large and diverse collections. A carved pendant used to be a traditional design but now there are many more contemporary designs on the market where the designer has used this beautiful stone to create pieces that are in the latest fashion trends

Jade earrings as well as the pendants come in a collection of unique and stunning designs and sizes. Many of the earring designs can simply be teamed up with necklaces and pendants creating handmade jewellery sets which can be worn for any social occasions. You are able to find the designs in many designs and sizes and these can be worn on for any event

Jade jewellers have not forgotten the bangle. And these jade bangles are simple in design yet elegant and stylish and have been made in the same style for centuries. These designs are worn by both the young and the old and with every type and design of clothing.

You are able to find these designs where the stones have been set in gold and silver. Gold rings with oval cabochons, silver chains with long elegant pendants, charm bracelets that have carved charms in every shade of this stunning natural stone.

We are able to find Jade jewellery in many kinds of designs. There are funky and quirky designs where the stone has been set in contemporary settings. These pieces will appeal to the younger generation and can be worn to compliment on trend fashions. Traditional designs where the stone is set with other gemstones like diamonds and emeralds and these designs will be seen worn on older women especially at important functions and events where they want to show off their expensive piece of jewellery

This stunning majestic stone of Jade has been used in creating artistic designs for centuries. It is now common for all women to have a piece of jade jewellery jewellery in their collection as they can now be found in modern designs as well as traditional

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