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  • Published August 10, 2012
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Here I am going to try and explain to you a little bit about crystal healing and why it is helpful for our well being to wear a piece of handmade jewellery crafted from Jasper. Firstly we will explore the properties of the semi-precious stone Jasper I will explain why you can use this stone to your advantage and the way that it can help you with problems within your life.

What is Crystal Healing?

This is very simple; every crystal stone has its own energies and healing properties. This magic energy will act on the mind and on the body of a person which can give positive results in both physical and mental health. The way that we use these crystals and semi-precious stones is very important but to put it simply the basic idea is that you come into close proximity with your healing stone on a regular basis. This can be done by wearing a piece of handmade jewellery crafted with the stone of your choice or carrying a piece upon your person like a pebble or key ring in your pocket or handbag. Firstly you have to assess the situation to make sure that you are using the correct semi-precious stone for your particular condition.

So what are the Properties of Jasper?

Jasper is a semi-precious stone that belongs to the quartz family and is known as one of the main nurturers. The conclusion is that this stone can give help and support people who are going through hard times and stress and it will help to bring calm and peace in your world.

Jasper is available to use in many colours and shades and each of these have their own healing properties. Because of the variety of colours it is loved by fashion jewellery designers to create their unique pieces of handmade jewellery and each of these pieces will possess their own strength of healing powers.

Some of the healing properties that are associated with the semi-precious stone Jasper are that they can bring you tranquillity in your life and that having a piece of Jasper on your person it will help to absorb any negative energies that may surround you. It is believed to help with removing pollution within the environment and it will absorb any radiation in the atmosphere.

It has many emotional benefits and will aid with honesty and it will give you courage in new ventures. Jasper helps with quick thinking and aids in organising your mind. It stimulates the imagination and this may be why jewellers create such stunning pieces of handmade jewellery from this semi-precious stone. If you are suffering from a long term illness wearing this stone next to you will give you aid and support and it will support you and re-energise the body.

In addition to the properties above that are given generally to jasper here are some more those are given to different types of this beautiful semi-precious stone.

Green Jasper is thought to be the semi-precious stone that will keep you grounded and balanced and will help mental illnesses like obsessions. The beautiful stone is thought to help boost your immune system, it helps with skin conditions and will remove any bloating that is associated with a digestive condition you may have. Beautiful handmade jewellery pendants are available handcrafted from this stone.

Red Jasper is the stone that will protect you from problems of stress and anxiety and it will rectify any unfair situations as well as providing you with deep insight into any difficult situations you could have in your life. It detoxifies the blood and circulatory system and your blood and your liver. Handmade jewellery earrings

Black veined Jasper is the stone that we should keep close to us if we need to keep grounded and stabilized. Other names that are given to this semi-precious stone are spider web and zebra stone because of the natural markings.

Whichever of these stones you decide to keep close to you either as a polished stone or as a part of a piece of handmade jewellery you will be able to find comfort and help from this beautiful crystal

If you are in need of some healing then Jasper is the semi-precious stone that you will need. It is available in many forms and to keep it about your person you can wear a piece of handmade jewellery that has the stone set in the design or you can keep a polished pebble on your person.

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