Exploring the Types of Stone You Can Use Rock Sealer On

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  • Published August 29, 2012
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Stone is a natural material that brings a beauty to any home in which it is used. The use of stone as a building material has been around since man made his first artificial shelter. Today, stone is not as common as it once was. However, this rarity makes it treasured in most homes in which it is found. Whether you inherited the stone or had it installed yourself, keeping stone looking good is something many homeowners want to do. You can find many types of stone in some homes. All of them can take a good rock sealer to maintain their good looks.

  1. Granite – Granite is commonly found in the kitchen as a counter top. It can also be used as a flooring material, fire place surround, or tub ledge. It is hard in nature so walking on it will not cause major damage. Granite is found in many places around the earth. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Some granite types are fairly common while others are exotic and somewhat expensive. Using a rock sealer will help keep the polished surface looking shiny and clear of stains.

  2. Limestone – Limestone is not as hard as granite. By its very nature, it is made up from grains of compressed granules. The majority of the limestone is made from the remains of compressed microscopic marine organisms. While this limestone does well in outdoor locations, in certain acidic conditions, it can actually dissolve. That is why using a rock sealer is so important. Inside the home, you often see limestone in the surrounds of fireplaces. Limestone is often found in shades of gray or brown.

  3. Slate – Slate is another natural rock found inside homes. Most often this stone appears as flooring or as a wall covering. This stone has natural layers that create sheets of stone. These sheets are what you have installed in your home. Colors in slate begin with all shades of gray. However, there is often slate found with shades of purple, blue or green. While slate wears well, keeping it sealed is imperative due to its layered nature.

  4. Marble – Marble is a stone that using rock sealer in is imperative. This stone is soft and can become damaged quite easily. You can find marble in counter tops, stair cases, fire place surrounds, and other ornate areas. Colors in marble can range from pure white through shades of gray, pink, and purple. Many marbles mix streaks of other colors.

You can find many types of stone in some homes. All of them can take a good rock sealer to maintain their good looks.

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