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  • Published October 11, 2012
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When area rugs are placed in homes, they provide flexibility that would complement their themes and decors. It is necessary to wisely choose carpets to be placed in a room so that they can add color, style and warmth. These carpets can be placed in all the rooms in the house, including the kitchen and the bathroom. In this article are facts on these rugs which would make the house more lively, attractive and fun.

Rugs can serve various practical and decorative purposes and functions in the house. They provide cushion to the stone or hard wood floors and at the same time safeguard them. They protect the feet from floors that are cold and insulate a room. They absorb the room's sound and can conceal damaged or unsightly floor. The smallest types of these carpets are called throw rugs and scatter rugs and they can be placed beside a bed or on the doorway so as to catch dirt and avoid it from getting on a carpet or fine floor.

Area rugs give texture and color to the design of a room. They characterize and separate a room's different areas. They can tie together the dissimilar elements of the design of the room. They can assist in setting the room's overall tone with their style and color. They highlight certain shades in the rest of the room's design and serve as the neutral background of its decorative accents and furniture.

There are numerous designs of these rugs which can make one's imagination and creativity run wild when decorating a room with them. The most popular types and styles of these include the following:

Persian rugs

Oriental rugs

Contemporary rugs

Transitional rugs

Flokati rugs

Braided rugs

Canvas rugs

There are things to remember when owning these types of rugs. Just like carpet, they should be cleaned regularly. Houses with residents allergic to dust mites or dust must clean their rugs often as these collect grime and dirt. To avoid falling and slipping when walking on a rug, a suitable rug pad must be used to secure it properly to the floor.

The entire effect of these rugs to a room should be considered when purchasing one. These rugs can be bought to help solve certain problems and address design goals. A big room that feels cold and impersonal can be warmed up by adding a rug that has a complementary and warm color. A dark room can be lightened up with a light-shaded rug. A small room can also look large with rug that has a light color.

Placing a coffee table, chair and sofa on a small rug can make a portion of a room look cozy and good enough for a conversational space. Installing a small rug or hall runner on hallways can make people be aware of where to walk on when going to a certain place, furniture or entryways in the house.

House owners who wish to reflect their personalities in their houses can do this by adding area rugs inside.

Before buying an area rug for your home, there are a few tips to know. You can find some very good stores that carry reasonably priced rugs and you can choose the area rug which suits your needs.

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