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  • Author Dorise Leath
  • Published September 8, 2012
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One kind of handmade jewellery that is not spoken of much is spiritual jewellery with all its beautiful designs that are carefully set with semi-precious gemstones and crystals in their designs and these are not there just for their beauty but because of the other quality’s that these natural stones hold. Unusual jewellery that is beautiful and stylish in designs but also can give us healing and spiritual guidance.

These pieces of handmade jewellery are not usual worn for their fashion value or to add style to an outfit the love of these pieces holds far more significance than that. Each individual design of these pieces of unusual jewellery has a spiritual meaning that means something very special to the owner and it could be worn as a charm to ward off evil or it could be worn to aid with healing, each designs has its own message within the designs and the natural semi-precious stones that it may contain.

The most well now of the messages the stones give in these pieces of handmade jewellery is the birthstones and every month of the year has its own semi-precious stone and it is very lucky if you are to wear a piece of jewellery that contains your own personal birthstone. This could be an Amethyst pendant if your birthday is in February, a Garnet ring if you were born in the month of January or a pair of earrings set with Diamond if you were born in July.

These pieces of spiritual jewellery are worn by people to give them a link to their religious believes, and these pieces will give people comfort and inspiration.

Many of us have no believe in these pieces of spiritual jewellery and think that it is all nonsense and superstition but there are many people that have a strong believe and these believes have been a part of our history and culture from the times before Christianity. Gemstones of some kind have been used to ward evil or used in medicine. Knights going into battle would carry with them lucky stones to give them courage and strength. Stones like Amethyst were given to women in labour to aid with a quick and safe birth.

It has not only been one culture that has held these believes, we can see evidence from all around the world that every culture in the world from every country has had some believe in this and they all have their own unusual jewellery designs set with semi-precious stones that they believe will keep them safe.

Many of these pieces of spiritual jewellery are truly stunning with their intricate designs and the combination of natural semi-precious stones and crystals that have been set in the unusual handmade jewellery designs. Chakra jewellery is quite beautiful with its line of gemstones each one representing each one of our Chakras and wearing pieces of jewellery with these stones is said to balance our Chakras helping us to keep calm and in good health.

We may all think that these believes mean nothing but how many of us has a set of rosary beads, a St Christopher pendant or a cross and chain in our collection these are pieces of spiritual jewellery that we all put some faith in so what is the difference?

So do these pieces of handmade jewellery really help us in our daily lives or do we only think that they do? Some people think that these believes are near to witch craft but if these pieces of unusual jewellery that are set with natural healing stones give some people comfort and confidence then I can only think that is a good thing. Whatever we think these pieces of spiritual jewellery have been a part of our culture in one form or another since man was on the earth.

Spiritual jewellery has been a part of our and many other cultures for centuries and these unusual jewellery designs will contain magical natural semi-precious stones and crystals. These pieces of handmade jewellery are worn to offer protection, for healing and protection.

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