How Should Emergency Lighting Work in a Real Emergency?

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  • Published December 1, 2012
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You see them in almost every part of the building but are not sure of what to make of them or how they work. Emergency lights are enhancements within a building to aid whenever there is a power shortage leading to blackouts. Some people have never experienced a power shortage in their lives or even a blackout. If you are one such kind of person, it is better that you learn how to react when there is a power shortage inside a large building. What happens after a power shortage in buildings after a power blackout will determine the outcome of the situation. As a result, you ought to learn and know what to do when lights go off and emergency lights come into play. This will help you evade possible hazards associated with blackouts in a quick or safe manner.

Persons who have never experienced a black out ought to know that these lights only go on when electricity lights go off. They turn on during these situations automatically to help you see where you are going. As a result, you need to find an appropriate position to move to before other orders are given. Few things are required of you once the lights go off. These lights either go on or light for few minutes. The intensity of their brightness reduces with time. This is because they are powered by batteries and can deplete the current stored any time. Of importance is to observe what is around you and take quick action. There are lights that will blink while some will shine illuminate continuously. Master the right paths to follow before making other decision. Make sure you are in a position from where other people inside the building can easily see you.

Remain calm after making your presence noticed. Emergency lights usually take not more than ten seconds to turn on. After they are on, people's eyes will need to adjust to sudden change in the light intensities. Panicking will only make the situation worse as it will cause other people near you to freak out as well. The best thing to do is to focus on the major tasks that you have instead of blind panic, you must keep calm until you get receive advice on what to do, there should be people around you trained to help people leave safely and calmly. Such advice might include moving to certain points of the building via a set of stairs or lifting some visible objects to clear a path to allow people to get out of the building.

In certain instances, you will not get the advice on what the next step to take is and you should take it as your responsibility to determine where the exit point into your room is. The easiest way to do this is by locating signs that are, in most cases, usually luminous to allow you notice them even in dark times and exiting the building through this path.

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