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  • Author Sandra Edwards
  • Published October 23, 2012
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It does not matter what we are doing during the day it could be a lunch date with the girls or a large social event we will want to wear our favourite pieces of unique handcrafted jewellery. We will all wear different pieces and designs for different occasions but as soon as we are dressed we add these beautiful accessories.

Many of us feel incomplete if we are not adorned in pieces of handcrafted jewellery like earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and necklaces and will not be seen out if we are not wearing a pair of earrings. We will wear different styles of jewellery for different occasions and it does not matter how much money you have paid for your outfit and other accessories your jewellery is going to be the finishing touch.

You will continually see new styles and designs of handcrafted jewellery being added to the collections in the stores to tempt us into purchasing more bracelets, pendants, rings, bangles jewellery sets and necklaces and the innovative designers are adding new materials that they use to create these new unique jewellery designs. Gone are the days when these stunning designs could only be found handcrafted from precious metals and precious gemstones as today beautiful unique and original jewellery designs can be seen made from glass, wood, acrylics, semi-precious beads, cloth and even paper. These pieces come in many price ranges and you will see handcrafted pieces that have been designed and handmade by the designer into unique one off designs and mass produced pieces that can be found in nearly every store at cheap prices.

One of the most popular pieces of handmade jewellery is the earring as nearly every woman will have a few of these pieces in their jewellery box even if they are only a simple pair of semi-precious studs or a plain gold hoop design. When you go to buy one of these pieces you will be astounded at the styles and designs that are now available for us to choose from it can almost make your head spin when trying to make your choice. Everything from small and stylish studs to long dangling chandeliers set with shinny sparkling rhinestones. You can see these unique jewellery designs set with many different semi-precious stones like Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Turquoise, Onyx and many others and you will find designs that have been crafted from plain metals like silver, gold and platinum. Many of these will be sold in single units and you will also find them in jewellery sets with complimenting necklaces of bracelets.

Necklace could be your favourite piece of handcrafted jewellery and there are many stunning designs on the market for you to choose from. It could be a sparkly design that has been made from crystals that you bring out for those special evening events to add style and glamour to your outfit or a bright and beautiful string of ceramic beads that you wear to brighten up a dull day. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a piece for it to become your favourite piece you could love it for many reasons, it could be the colour, and the style or it could have sentimental value and remind you of someone that may have bought it for you.

The other popular piece of handcrafted jewellery is the bracelet or bangle and this is a piece of unique jewellery that you will wear on your wrist. These are on sale in many designs from the traditional charm bracelet to the modern charm bracelets, beaded designs, cuff bracelets and bangles of every design and colour can be found for us to add to our attire. Fashions can come and go but women will always want to wear their jewellery

Today you will see many collections of unique handcrafted jewellery and these collections will include earrings, bracelets and handcrafted unique jewellery necklaces found at this site are all handmade in the UK

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