Is handmade jewellery here to stay?

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  • Author John Ellis
  • Published November 4, 2012
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If you were to spend some time looking around the large stores that are on all the large cities high streets you will see that are large percentages of jewellery shops and many of these are selling mass produced designs and they are very similar if not the same. Why is everything the same and where can we find unique pieces of handmade jewellery that are not being worn by every woman on the street.

There are many designers out there that are creating individual pieces that are available for use to purchase. These collections have bracelets, jewellery sets, earrings and bracelets for us to choose from that are all unique in design. Many one off design and lots of limited edition pieces. Why would we want ever to buy a mass produced piece again when we have seen these lovely handmade collections.

When did we all start to look the same wearing the same clothes, carrying the same handbag, wearing the same shoes and adorning ourselves with the same accessories? This is when we started to mass manufacture pieces and we wanted lots of things cheap. We are becoming a throwaway society but this is going to have to stop. We need to bring back unique and original designs. We have to show that we are all individuals and on way of doing this is to start to wear unusual handmade jewellery designs and go out and show the world that you are not the same as everyone else.

The search for these unique pieces of handmade jewellery will not take you long to find as there are many talented designers that are now breaking the trends and producing unusual and individual designs for us to buy. If you would like necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings that all have unique and unusual designs then make your search for these designers and turn your back on the mass produced pieces that are in there 1,000’s in the large stores.

When you see these wonderful collections of handmade jewellery you will ask yourself why you ever wore the cheap fashion pieces on sale. A simple pair of handmade earrings in a unique design can make you feel very special especially when you receive many compliments from family and friends on how nice they are and you will know that you can go out and not see anyone else wearing the same design. If you need an accessory to bring some style and glamour to the little black dress that has been hanging in the back of your wardrobe then a handmade pendant that is unique in designs made from silver will completely change the look for you adding elegance and you can go out to your fancy event with the confidence in knowing that you are not going to bump into anyone else in the same design.

If we all started to show the world how unique we all are what a better place it would be, how colourful and interesting the streets would be if we were not all wearing the same clothes in the same styles and colours or if we used our imagination and wore handmade jewellery with style and flair making all of our outfits unique. If you have a lively and bubbly personality then why not show this by wearing bright and funky pieces that will make people smile or if you want to appear elegant and stylish it could be a jewellery set of matching earrings and necklace but it does not matter which piece you choose as long as it is unique and makes you feel beautiful and special.

Many collections of unusual handmade jewellery can be seen at this store and all these pieces have been designed by talent jewellery designers in the UK necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants will be found in this collection.

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