3 Techniques You Can Use to Grow Your New Small Business

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  • Author Randell Ojanen
  • Published December 12, 2012
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There are easier ways to grow your small business than you may realize. You've got a stable base of customers and this means that things are much easier for you than they would be if you didn't have that. You'll spend more time and money acquiring new customers.

It is true that you ought to always be working on your marketing so that you can have a steady and reliable stream of new customers but this isn't all that you should be doing. How often do you think about expanding your offerings to people who have bought from and hired you before? It's also possible to build plans that include web based marketing and getting your already existing customers to visit your website. You can do all sorts of things to integrate your website to your offline business that will help you expand your business and make more sales.

Feedback is a fantastic method to get a lot of profitable insight into your business, particularly when it comes from people who have worked with you or purchased from you. It won't take long for you to figure out that the best feedback is given when you are able to ask the right questions. Don't just give people a card or something asking a general question. If nothing else, refrain from asking the now cliched question of "how am I doing?" You need to put some thought into the feedback that you are asking people to give you; there are some specific pieces of information you need to get from them. Write up a list of 5-10 questions your clients and buyers can respond to with brief answers. In order to improve your response rate to these questions is to explain your motivations and to ask your buyers and clients to help you. This method is effective because it appeals to the buyer's sense of empathy. If nothing you do seems to work and you feel as if you are spinning your wheels trying to grow your business, then maybe you need to look elsewhere. Analyzing all your processes and products is vital, just as it is critical for you to discover what your strong points are. IF this is something you have never done, you will likely feel very happy with what you find. Once you have everything down, and the list could be long, then those are the things you should be focusing on. These points need to show up in all your marketing messages so make sure they are present even if it means revamping your website completely. You can take advantage by focusing people's attention on certain aspects, which will generate great results.

Increase local offline advertising if your business is off the web. But have a more scientific approach and employ ad tracking. This is not hard to do and it's done in a variety of ways. One way to is to ensure each publication features a different offer. Almost every town and city delivers weekly shopping papers to its residents for free. The secret is to make sure there's a distinct offer and ad in each paper, which can also be accompanied by a coupon if you so desire. It makes it easy for you then to discover which avenue is generating most of your calls and leads. You can entice readers to visit your site with the promise of more information on their special deal, which makes it even easier to test. It isn't necessary for your small company to grow by leaps and bounds. You can work to identify a few possible joint ventures and receive a wind fall in a few months. If it's something you can achieve, you can reinvest the profits into online advertising if it works with your overall strategy. So, you have to be careful in your choices, ensure you quantify your results and don't forget to expand your profitable campaigns.

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