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  • Published January 13, 2013
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Besides igniting our obsessive compulsive tics when we see the dust begin to gather on freshly polished surfaces, having an unclean house can represent some serious risks to your health.What might be an irritation and a nuisance to get started might well be able to provide you with a better standard of living, especially if you already suffer from underlying health issues.Undertaking a good deep spring clean every few months and indulging in some quick fix domestic cleaning on a weekly basis can go a long way to improving the health of your home and its inhabitants.

Firstly cleaning engages the mind and body.If you're a stay at home mum or you're self-employed, cleaning might provide that half hour where you can exercise your mind in other ways.It also gets you away from your desk and around the house, stretching, reaching, scrubbing and bending.It keeps your body lithe and your mind active, and the benefits of this are uncountable.

Productivity in a cluttered and untidy environment takes a huge hit when compared with a clean and healthy workspace.Taking the time to ensure that you're working in a fresh and open environment can work wonders for your stress levels.When you know exactly where everything is and how to get it, your mind can be tasked with more pressing issues at hand.Unneeded and unwanted stress can raise heart rates and increase the risk of complications in your health.

More people suffer from hay fever than ever before, but a staggering proportion of people develop allergies to their own home.People with mild allergies to their pets can still function in their homes as long as they keep on top of their cleaning regimen, by hovering and dusting every day they can happily share their living space with their cats and dogs.Leaving dust to settle can cause respiratory problems when it is disturbed, as the floating particles can be inhaled and begin to agitate the throat and lungs.

It's not only your cats and dogs that you'll find living in your house, a neglected carpet can play host to a whole parade of potential nasties.Bacteria can grow if the conditions became warm and damp whilst dust mites thrive in even the driest of conditions.Ensuring that you keep your carpets clean is imperative to avoid the infestations and serious health implications that can occur.

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