Free Promotional Lanyards Can Improve Your Business

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  • Author Gary Watkinson
  • Published February 16, 2013
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Promotional lanyards are given free to your customers as a way of reminding them of your company. They can also feature hot line numbers and even web addresses. While athletic key chains are limited in what message they can bear, people will keep them around if they are handy and attractive.

Free promotional lanyards boost your business because people own them and wear them. It is easily the most cost efficient form of advertisement. Lanyards are inexpensive enough that virtually any business can order them in bulk. Customers will be glad to receive them and will wear them in public as they are used to carry ID, keys, access fops, USB's and even phones.

Promotional items be kept by your customers for years. They might use it when going jogging or maybe even give it to a friend. They might even take it out in public where it will be seen by co-workers and anyone who might be exercising at the gym. It is a tangible object that integrates into a person's life. Since they see these items repeatedly, your company name will sink in.

Very few people turn down a freebie. They will at least take it home in order to be polite. From there it can end up in many places, but at least they will see it every now and then. Compare this strategy to a television commercial. A business must spend tens of thousands for thirty seconds of airtime, and then it is over. The onlooker does not have a tangible memento of the experience.

Mass media advertising works better for very large companies that can afford an entire campaign. For a small business, a single television ad would have very short lived benefits. The most successful advertisements are seen or heard repeatedly, and marketing agencies will spend hundreds of thousands or millions just to keep a product or service in front of the public.

Someone drumming up business on a much more local scale would be hard pressed to pay for televised advertising. Even local radio might not provide lasting gains. For a business that needs to get its name out on a dime should look to distributing items that people want. This ranges from business cards to gifts. Everything from pens, mugs, and lanyards will be gladly taken by people who might not have the foresight to buy them personally.

Success with distributing promotional complements depends on the visual appeal of the item. Customers will gladly take and use an item that seems stylish and outgoing. For a pittance, your business has given them something useful. In return, they will keep keys and other valuable items on it. Your logo will become an integral part of their lives, and they will depend on it to access the things most valuable to them.

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