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  • Author Darren Marx
  • Published April 6, 2013
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It is important, when selling your home, to avoid some of the worst home selling mistakes a person can make. Some of these mistakes can keep your home from being sold in a reasonable amount of time. It is important to avoid having your home listing expire. Basically, your home won't sell because of doing this. It will cost you a lot of money either way so be careful.

When a listing expires before a home sells, an unfortunate stigma falls over the home. Stigmas are usually psychological in nature. It's unfortunate, but it's human nature for buyers to wonder what's wrong with your home since it didn't sell during the initial listing. To prevent this from happening with your home, there are steps you can take to safeguard against this problem. When this happens, you will have lost time and money. Before you even consider listing your home, you have to think this problem through and be aware of it. As you talk to different real estate agents, bring up this topic and see what they say. Is their information - and recommendation - viable?

Sometimes folks will hire an agent due to the hype they may offer. Sometimes agents will dangle the high asking price carrot in front of the seller. The reason for that is they will be more likely to be chosen by inexperienced sellers. When this happens, the one that will feel the negative impact is the homeowner. List the price in a range that will attract the attention of those looking to invest. A proven realtor will know all of the ins and outs of the process that selling your home will entail. Do some comparison shopping through a few realtors to get a good idea of how much you ought to ask for your home.

It's never a good idea to try to talk your agent into accepting a lower commission than what is normal in your area. The commission structure is included in the listing agreement. It's not hard to find out the normal commission structure for your area, so check it out. See how the average commissions compare to what the agent is specifying in the listing agreement. If you are comfortable with your agent, ask them what the average commission is and how it compares to what they put on the listing agreement. It's important that the commission you agree on is in line with what's normal for your market. If you offer less, you may get less from your agent. Why would your agent show your home to a prospective buyer if the commission is low, when they can show a comparable home with a higher commission structure? This is normal human nature and to be expected, so be sure to keep this fact in mind if you think about negotiating the commission lower. It is actually very easy to understand what the most important mistakes of home selling really are. It is really just a matter of making the effort to find the information. Chances are very good your real estate agent will not go over everything, either. Protecting yourself, especially when it comes time to sell your home, is something you really need to do.

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