A Grand Canyon National Park Bus Trip Delivers Stunning Scenery And Fantastic Thrills

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Coach tours are one of the cheapest ways to see Grand Canyon National Park. You'll just need to figure out the right tour to take so you get the best deal.

Departure Points

The first thing you'll need to do is pick your tour's departure point. Grand Canyon bus tours leave from Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada 365 days a year, major holidays included. Travelers coming from Phoenix will see the South Rim, Vegas-based travelers can pick either the South or the West Rim (no tour does both).

Las Vegas

A lot of travelers add optional side excursions to their West Rim coach tours. One of the most exciting is a bus trip that comes with a helicopter ride to the canyon floor and a float trip down the Colorado River. Another tour that is great fun comes with VIP passes to the thrilling Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Maybe you would rather go to the South Rim from Vegas. They're fun, all-day experiences (it takes 5 1/2 hours just to get to the South Rim and another 5 1/2 just to get back to Vegas) that give you up to three hours inside the National Park-enough time to see all the main highlights. Once you get there, you can hop on a helicopter and tour the region from the air.

Coach Trips From Phoenix

If you leave from Phoenix, you will get to stop at Sedona, Arizona, which is home to amazing red rock formations. After that, the bus heads to the South Rim, which is so scenic it is often called the 'real' Grand Canyon. When you get to the rim, you can take a thrilling helicopter ride or just explore the region on the ground.

Everything Is Included

These bus trips are all-inclusive and include free pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, lunch, tour guide, taxes, and all Park fees. This setup is convenient and lets you concentrate on ensuring that you bring the little things that are so easy to forget: snacks, sunblock, cell phone, camera and so forth.

Touring By Van

The buses used in Grand Canyon tours carry about 40 people. If that sounds like too many people, think about booking a van tour instead. The vans only carry 10 people and they are quite comfy for sightseeing. Since there are less people on these van tours, you get more personal attention too.

Book Ahead

I've heard stories about folks (traveling alone) who get away with booking their tours 24 hours ahead, but why risk it? You have a better chance of getting the tour you want if you get your seat one week before your tour date. That ensures you won't be disappointed because the tour is sold out. You'll eliminate a lot of stress that way too.

To Summarize

These tips should help you figure out which tour is best and help you get the best price. Decide on your departure city first, either Las Vegas or Phoenix. If you plan to begin your bus tour in Las Vegas, you have to choose between going to the West Rim or the South Rim. If you want thrills, go to the West Rim and if you want scenic beauty, go to the South Rim. Get your seats early. Also, buy your tickets online. Buying your seats directly on the tour operator's website ensures you get the lowest rate available and the Internet discount too!

Ready to book a Grand Canyon National Park bus tour? First, go here for a list of the best coach trips from Phoenix and Las Vegas, then here for the best specials: [http://grandcanyoncheap.com/bus-deals.html](http://grandcanyoncheap.com/bus-deals.html)

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