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  • Author Susan Bissonnette
  • Published December 15, 2013
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The deals I'm seeing on helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon are surprising to me and I've been involved in this industry for years.

I'm not sure where travelers are finding these rates. Sometimes I question if they are real. But I do sense that companies out there are getting really creative when it comes to air-tour pricing and that's where I think I can shed some light on the matter.

Recently I talked to a nice gentleman about this subject. He called up asking me to match a price he found somewhere on Las Vegas Strip helicopter tours. I was really surprised he was able to get such a low price on his tour.

Then he told me. He had found a 'blue-light special.' Not sure if you out there are familiar with K-Mart, which was a huge retailer in the U.S. K-Mart would push a shopping cart to the front of the store full of out-of-date odds and ends, turn on a blue light, and announce their 'blue-light specials' to the store.

It worked very well. Customers flocked to the carts every time.

But I can tell you this. The reason behind it was to move old stock out of the store. So they slashed the prices very low. And it worked.

I'm not sure how happy people were with their purchases when they arrived back home. Most of the time the stuff broke or was good for few turns and that was it. But think about it. Over time, if you shopped and lived like this, good chance that cheap and fair would cost the same.

What's that got to do with Grand Canyon air tours?

One thing-if you see a low price on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, you better question its quality.

For one thing, it is probably a bare bones tour. That means it is the base price with nothing added. Now, a high quality tour in comparison, comes with transportation to and from your hotel, lunch, fees, taxes, and surcharges rolled into a single price.

Not that is wrong to search for discounts on Grand Canyon helicopters. Just use your head so you actually get a good deal. Don't shop for the lowest price, aim to get the fairest deal. This means you get a discounted price along with all the extras included along with a fair cancellation policy so you can get your money back if needed.

You can take a helicopter tour that lands or just circles the rim and returns. If you have limited time, then choose the air-only tour. You'll spend less on an air-only tour too, right now they cost around $230 per person. Landing tours are a lot of fun though, so if you have the time and money, you should take one of those.


If you want to experience the canyon up close, you should opt for a landing tour. You can choose from several tours out of Las Vegas, one of the most popular is one that flies you down to the bottom of the canyon. The helicopter descent into the canyon is a thrilling ride! That's my opinion, but I think you would love it too. There are so many things to do, you will find a tour perfect for you, just remember to be careful when you start comparing tour prices.

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