Best 5 Tips for Superior Grand Canyon National Park Tours

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  • Published January 30, 2014
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If you're looking for a fun place to go on vacation, try the Grand Canyon. Don't worry if you don't know where to start. To get your going in the right direction, I put together this list of the 5 things you need to know to get the tour of your dreams.

Departure Points

The first step is to determine where you'll visit the Canyon from. The most popular tours depart from Vegas or big cities in Arizona like Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Sedona. If you choose Las Vegas, you can go to the South Rim or the West Rim. Would you rather leave from a city in Northern Arizona? It's the South Rim for you.

If you will be in Las Vegas, your big decision is to choose the rim you will tour since none of the tours hit both of them. This is a fairly straightforward task. The South Rim is noted for scenic vistas and natural beauty while the West Rim is packed with fun things to do. Just keep in mind, if you want to take a chopper tour out of Las Vegas, you have to go to the West Rim because the South Rim is too far away.

Let's look closer at the difference between the two rims. Fun things to do at the West Rim include a stroll on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a boat ride on the Colorado River, and a helicopter descent to the canyon floor. The only adventure at the South Rim is a one-day rafting excursion.

Types Of Grand Canyon Tours

There are different kinds of tours you can take to the Grand Canyon. The helicopter tours are very popular and a lot of fun. Helicopter tours can just fly over the rim or at the West Rim only, they can land. You can take rafting tours and airplane tours at both of the rims. Bus tours are also popular and these depart from Phoenix and Vegas.

Now a word about the cost of Grand Canyon tours. The best price by far is found online. But don't get too carried away in your search. You'll find a lot of sites selling tours if you want to take the time to look at them all. Hey, more power to you. Everyone likes to save a few bucks. But the fact of the matter is that rates online beat the daylights out of phone/rack rates so take the plunge.

The final tip is to book your tour early. Right now, it's slow season at the National Park. But it's not going to be this way forever. Beginning about February, prices increase and tours begin to sell out. that is why you better not wait until the last minute to get your seats. You'll probably be alright purchasing a week or two prior to departure. Booking as soon as you finalize your travel plans is a good way to get the lowest rate too.


If all this sounds fantastic, then start planning your tour to the Grand Canyon now. First, figure out your departure city. From that point on, the decisions get really easy. Then book your tour early and do it online. Doing so will ensure that you actually get on the tour at a rate that will leave you smiling.

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