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  • Author Don Carter
  • Published October 7, 2014
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While there are many gadgets available that offer to help in survival conditions, there are seven top tools that no person should lack. These are all items that add to your survival in a myriad of situations.

  1. A solar phone charger with integrated FM radio will help guarantee that you stay up to date on the relevant information you need, when you need it whether that has to do with keeping track of an approaching storm system or stay up to date with that critical ball game when you have to go out. There are gadgets readily available that have every one of these and a lot more. This suggests you can charge your cellular phone, have a radio and a flashlight all included one easy to carry tool.

  2. Mobile or portable flood lamps are excellent devices to have. They set up anywhere and provide a means for you to lighten the entire surrounding area in such a way that a normal flashlight can not. For example, do you want to have to keep a focused beam of light on the part you are trying to fix under the hood of you car along the road at night, or would you rather sit a 12 bulb LED flood lamp on the fender, lighting up the entire area under the hood, so you can go to work on the problem at hand.

  3. A good car escape tool can assist you get by in many situations from submerged escapes to horrific roll-over crashes. These beneficial tools have a lot of everyday uses as well, including cutting through tough material such as canvas straps or bags, working on small, hard to reach projects like the installation of a car stereo, and even crushing ice with the auto glass breaker.

  4. A Swiss army-like multitool with 6 to 12 tools in one unit. These versatile devices have a multitude of uses and don't occupy little space. You won't lose or misplace one of the tools in the assortment because they are all connected. They are so affordable and small you can buy several and stashing away in various places so you always have access to them.

  5. A hammock tent is another advancement that's ideal for camping, hiking, and hunting trips. Not only do you get safety from bugs and mosquitoes, but you're suspended above the ground which helps you sleep a little easier in rattlesnake and copperhead country.

  6. A gadget with an emergency siren that blares like a car alarm and flashes an ultra bright beacon is also a critical tool to have. Imagine being trapped under fallen debris after a tornado or explosion of some sort. You may not have enough wind to shout out and even if you could, your voice would eventually give out along with your energy reserves. It is much better to possess a portable tool that can send out a very powerful sound easily recognizable as a traditional distress call and a bright flashing red emergency light for getting the attention of would be rescuers.

  7. And lastly, possessing a device that can charge itself in addition to other mobile devices is indispensable. Buy one with as many sources of power to charge itself up as you can, including the three minimum standards: solar collector, hand-crank dynamo, and USB attachments to plug into a computer or wall socket. Some have all these and conventional battery back-ups as well.

Now while these are great tools and devices to have, a good bug-out-bag will contain much more than these. We will zero in on more of the suggestions for a well-rounded bug-out-bag in future articles.

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