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  • Author Larry Letridge
  • Published October 23, 2014
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Ever before questioned what motivates great carpet cleaners? Excellent carpet cleaners, those who will spend the time to produce superior results, are often driven by a passion for customer satisfaction. Most carpet cleaners spend between 10-15 minutes a room but this is nowhere near enough time for a perfect result; a true professional who cleans your carpets the same way they would for their family will work on 30-45 minutes a room in order to get the best results possible.

Professional training and education is essential in order to be a quality carpet cleaner; carpet cleaning in most countries is completely unregulated so anybody can call themselves a carpet cleaner! Commonly this includes plane flights overseas or interstate to attend the most prestigious educational institutions which teach the latest developments in carpet cleaning technology and practical applications in how to correctly use them. Unfortunately for consumers many carpet cleaners don't bother as this can cost thousands of dollars and classes often take a week or more to complete.

Cleaning every square inch of carpet in your home is the ultimate goal for the true professional, who will use furniture sliders which allow a single person to easily push and effortlessly slide upholstery and even heavy furnishings like beds and dining tables across the carpet. Items that were moved will then be placed back in their original position, with foam blocks and plastic tabs placed underneath furniture legs and left there for 24 hours to prevent contact with wet carpet. This approach results in the most hygienic cleaning available and is the mark of a true professional intent on providing you with the best quality results. They should also be able to providing you with a no-rinse spotting solution that can be applied to clear minor stains and soils, and also advise you on protection depending on your carpet fiber - for example liquid oils can bind to polypropylene and become impossible to remove, so if they are a risk factor you should be advised of this.

Vacuuming is another often overlooked aspect of professional carpet cleaning, and cheaper carpet cleaners will often skip this step or tell you to vacuum yourself. However consumers must be aware that consumer grade vacuum cleaners are no match for hospital grade vacuum cleaners equipped with special medical filters than capture particles which regular vacuum cleaners recirculate into the air. Vacuuming is especially important as carpets typically have a lot of soils in them consisting of bacteria and fungi, and these dry particulates are only removed through vacuuming.

Consumers should be especially wary of steam cleaners who don't vacuum as steam cleaning pumps the carpet pile full of highly pressurized hot water, and the bacteria and live micro-organisms in the carpet will have a feeding frenzy as a result unless they've been removed through a thorough vacuuming beforehand.

Finally when considering who to hire for your next carpet cleaning make sure to examine their credentials and qualifications, checking that they are members in good standing of nationally recognized technical schools. You might choose the most affordable option simply to find that you aren't happy with the result and end up having to pay for a different carpet cleaner to come and redo the job, costing you more in both time and money than if you had engaged a professional who ensures the job is done right the first time, every time.

For the utmost in professional carpet cleaning and a shining example of everything described in this article, call today!

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