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  • Author Larry Letridge
  • Published October 25, 2014
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Numerous different approaches exist in regards to the best way of achieving a quality carpet clean. Selecting the right approach for your carpets can be a hard option as a result of the amount of options available in the market. The essential elements to take into consideration when deciding on which carpet cleaning company is right for you are a mixture of the modern technology made use of, reputation of the business, quality and type of service provided and last but not least, the cost!

The fist and foremost of prominent carpet cleaning processes is known as Steam Cleaning and has been around for decades! It functions by making use of very hot directed water at high pressures which is pumped into the carpet. This has the effect of loosening up soils and stains which may be stuck to the carpet fiber. Once they have been loosened, they are then removed from the carpet through the extraction process which attempts to suck up as much water and other elements (apart from the carpet fiber!) as possible.

One of the downsides of getting your carpets steam cleaned is the long drying times. As so much water is used, the carpets (especially wool) can take a full day to be completely dry. If quicker drying times are desired, another common process frequently available in most regions is known as dry carpet cleaning. This system uses a chemical spray together with rotary brushes and pads which pickup many stains and soils from the top of the carpet pile. Note that this isn't a deep cleaning system so won't produce the same results as steam cleaning - dry cleaning is only a surface cleaning system intended for light or maintenance cleans.

The latest alternative on the market is an ingenious procedure for carpet cleaning known as Encapsulation, which cleverly integrates the most effective features of steam cleaning as well as dry cleaning. Carpets receive the most comprehensive cleaning service feasible while making use of a very little amount of water which leads to them drying quicker much like dry cleaning. For consumers not many carpet cleaners offer encapsulation cleansing as it is tricky to do correctly as well as requires a great deal more understanding and also training than the previous approaches pointed out.

Also worth a mention is the importance of vacuuming cleaning using a hospital grade vacuum cleaner. Carrying out a complete vacuum cleaning is essential to getting the most effective carpet cleaning results, and this is frequently ignored when reviewing methods of cleansing carpets. Consumers must consistently check whether their carpet cleaner is using an industrial strength vacuum, as budget cleaners almost always avoid the vacuuming stage completely.

To be assured of a thorough quality carpet cleaning service every time, Sydney's premier cleaners from are at your service to assist with any specialized cleaning needs you may have.

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