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  • Author Kumar Chaulagain
  • Published May 29, 2015
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Construction is one of the fastest growing businesses in today’s era as more and more developmental activities are being planned and formulated. Construction covers up every part that is related to building or making thing.

With increasing technology the constructional process is also getting much easier and efficient. The work gets less complicated and people don’t have to use much effort and force. Constructing anything requires lot of planning and organizing. One needs to have complete concept about the particular project before starting any kind of construction business.

Constructing houses, bridges, tunnels and buildings needs to be done based on principles and construction techniques. It is not an easy task as many times the construction sites are hazard-prone areas and the builders should be more careful. Constructing certain artistic building is not a big deal and it needs to be said that construction has become a problem in rural areas.

As the population increases the people need more housing areas and facilities which lead to construction of apartments and building for settlement even in small spaces and area which makes the city areas very crowded and difficult to live in. So building only certain houses is not important proper planning should be done as well.

Now if we talk about remote areas, most of the houses are usually made by people themselves using local materials but the main problem is constructing bridges which connect them with more developed areas. In many cases we have seen in televisions and through online that many people living in rural area have to risk their life simply to cross a single bridge and get to next village. It’s a maddening thing to see that human life means so little but can we do anything to help them?

Constructing requires both technical and practical knowledge. It can’t be done through providing information only, it must be done through common effort and there must be a supervisor who has all the knowledge about the process involved before carrying out the plan.

Only very few people have access to knowledge and ideas about construction process. So, one of the website that works and helps people in need is Practical Answers. They have offices in many developing countries and provide information through online and the people involved in this organization visit different parts and help them. One of the brilliant examples of their work is construction of stone-arched bridges which is one of the most useful articles.

This website provides technical information service to many people and targets to eliminate poverty. It is a concept which has led to change the lives of many people around the world through its information service. Working together we can also definitely take advantages of the information that are provided in this site about constructing bridges in rural areas to the materials required.

Overall, information can be gathered from many places but it needs to be understood that providing information only is not sufficient, people need to come together and help each other to achieve success. These types of organization are doing amazing work and we must take the most benefit from it help to solve the problems of really under-privileged people who live under such extreme circumstances then only we will be able to make difference.

Practical Answers ( help people in need and targets to eliminate poverty in many countries throughout the world by providing knowledge and ideas about various resources.

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