Certified Nursing Assistants ranked top 100 growing jobs of 2015

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  • Published July 8, 2015
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A certified nursing assistant also known and commonly referred to as a CNA is a healthcare professional who puts patients at the very top of their priority list on the work field. These assistants are a crucial part of the nursing staff due to the incredible demand of nurses in hospitals not just in Miami, but also across the nation! Often times, nurses are outnumbered by patients to incredible ratios, causing the services provided to these patients to fall behind or not be acted upon as quickly as needed, especially in emergency rooms. Individuals who choose to become a certified nursing assistant must possess certain characteristics and human qualities such as compassion, patience, and ease for multitasking and sympathy for all patients who need their help.

A nursing assistant helps patients every day with tasks that the patient is not able to perform on their own. This can consist of eating, showering, moving, walking or dressing. Because CNA’s spend so much time assisting these individuals, it is very likely that they will create close and personal bonds with all of their patients until they are fully recovered and can perform these tasks on their own. As a certified nursing assistant, it is possible that no two days of your career will be alike, each consisting of new patients who will need your help and all requiring you to work at a fairly fast pace.

CNA’s can benefit from a job in which individuals can express their compassion and joy for helping others every day as soon as they put on their uniforms. Because there is such a high demand for such healthcare professionals, it is very easy for certified nursing assistants to benefit from employment opportunities with a great potential for career growth and overtime opportunities. Also, because there is such a high demand for CNA’s, it is very easy to find employment opportunities in places such as nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and other work settings where individuals will need urgent care or can be hospitalized until they are fully recovered.

Currently in Miami, there are a great variety of schools that will offer certified nursing assistant programs for individuals who are currently seeking a career change or growth opportunities. Individuals with hopes and dreams of becoming nurses or certified and registered nurses can benefit from these education opportunities as CNA’s serve as a pathway to these career options and can offer you an open door while already being employed in the work field of your dreams.

Universal Vocational Institute is an institution certified by the Florida Department of Education. Our Institute is dedicated to contributing to our students’ success by helping them become healthcare professionals.

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