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  • Published November 9, 2015
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Men and also women made a mistake thinking that once they have shaved their face and other parts of the body the routine is done and their skin will be fine without taking further action. The best shaving routine involved the importance of skin products that you have to put on your skin after shaving. Preparing the skin is one of the most significant parts in shaving. If you are going to shave without using an electric razor you might need to consider putting pre shave oils to your skin. This will reduce the skin irritation that you might acquire while shaving.

Shaving gels and foams along with the best electric shaver can provide you clean and irritation free shaving. These lubricating agents are very valuable if you want to wet shave inside the shower. Higher end foams and gels have soothing and moisturizing agents that keep your skin moisturize after shaving. Most modern shaving skin care products today contains alcohol that can cause skin irritation if you happen to get small cuts and wounds while shaving. If you think that your skin might be upset by alcohol based foam and gel you can always try using shaving cream and soap the cause no irritation on your skin. Remember that the best electric shaver only provide better facial hair cut if you use it along with the proper skin care products.

Once finished shaving, you must allow your skin to rejuvenate the moisture that is lost. You can choose a moisturizer that which is usually in a form of after-shave balm. You can even use moisturizers with an added SPF so that you can add an extra protection to your skin. The benefits that you can get from using skin care products along with the best electric shaver is not only a close shave but also aid in the long term appearance of your skin especially if you have large strands and mass of beard and mustache.

There are electric razors sold in the market together with after-shave skin care products. It’s quite a convenience for you if you purchase an electric shaver that comes with these products, but you still need to be cautious as you might never know the effects of these products to you especially if you have sensitive skin. When purchasing these products, it is best to read carefully the label so that you will know if the after shave products are best for you.

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