Discounts for Multi Car Policies


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  • Published December 17, 2015
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The multi auto policy is one of the most common discounts available from all auto insurance companies. If you have two or more vehicles, and you have them insured by one insurer, this discount is automatically applied. It means you bundle auto insurance for two or more vehicles. As briefly mentioned above, some online car insurance estimators have such feature, so you may not need to ask help from professional independent agent to do the calculation. Regardless of the discount, it is unlikely that the car insurance estimate for multi car policy will be cheaper compared to the rate of a single vehicle. The eligibility requirement depends entirely on the company's decision, but the cars usually should be owned by the same household.

Multi-Policy Discounts

The easiest way to get discounts is to move all the policies under one insurer only. This allows you to manage the entire monthly premium bills more efficiently as you only have to deal with one insurer. Among all the discounts provided, the multi policy is probably the biggest and best you can get from a company. Please remember that only some big companies have such feature, yet you still have to compare the coverage and prices to get the best based on your circumstances. A simple online car insurance estimator will not be able to predict the rate correctly since this kind of bundle only involves too many variables in the calculation. An ins agent can give an accurate car estimate, in this case, so you will want to consider working with one.


If you bundle auto insurance with other types of coverage for other assets, you get all the benefits of either multi-car or multi-policy discounts and the ease of having everything handled by one single insurer. For this particular situation, it is probably best if you ask help from an independent agent rather than online car insurance calculator estimator to predict the actual premium rates you need to pay.

The car insurance estimate calculated by the agent will be more accurate; such agent will even compare the prices between many different companies to find the best deal for you. What you will find by comparing the prices can be quite surprising too. Sometimes it is cheaper if you do not bundle auto insurance with any other coverage.

Prices for auto coverage are very competitive nowadays, meaning there is probably a company that offers very affordable coverage for auto only. Bottom line, conducting a little research and consulting an insurance agent are always brilliant ideas before you decide to go for any coverage bundling.


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