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  • Published January 15, 2016
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Becoming a Life Coach is one of the fastest growing certification requests over recent years. This growth is due to the results that coaches personally have when they gain a life coach certification. The people who complete a life coaching certification find becoming a life coach an incredibly rewarding experience and career which result in financial freedom and abundance of personal rewards as well to know idea

A life coaching certification can provide you with immense financial and emotional rewards. See yourself released from a desk job, or the daily constraints of long unrewarding office hours as you find yourself being able to reward others through your natural abilities to make a difference in peoples, well clients lives.

There are however currently no regulations on becoming a coach, so technically you don’t need any specific training or certifications. However, getting trained and/or certified will help you learn skills, gain confidence through experience, and charge more for your expertise. There are several options for coach training programs, including in-person sessions, virtual classes, and combinations of both, so consider all your options.

Note that, while many programs offer certifications, not all training schools are accredited by the International Coach Federation, so if that’s important to you, check out the ICF website. Most life coaches certification are also entrepreneurs who set up their own coaching business, so you may want to take a class, read articles and books, or find a mentor to help you understand how to start your own company.

Some companies will even offer you a franchise type scenario where they will market you through their network and allow you access to all of their copyright and licensed materials to on sell to your clients. Evolved Life Visions is one such company offering this new business model to coaches. "Coaches need to have time to engage with their clients and the time to find resources or materials to keep them activated and retain their interest can be very time consuming.

The ELVS Coach program offers coaches a royalty based commission structure on content which has been neuroscientific ally researched and used by some of the most elite coaches in the world for their top clients which include CEPs; Celebrities and even Royalty.

We want the Coach to be confident that they have the latest research and practices which ignite change and that they can concentrate on their business gaining profit in a quick turnaround time" says Nicole Harcourt President of Evolved Life Visions. This is a novel new offering to life coaches; as we see life coaching brands such as Ever Coach and Elvs Coach reach the market with their coach education centers.

Successful life coaches realize that a good and well rounded education is imperative for a successful career. Aspiring life coaches’ certification can choose a number of different paths for starting their careers. There are life coaching certificate programs, for instance which will see you become a certified life coach in no time – with a 6 week course currently being the hottest ticket on the coaching market with all the tools and techniques provided through neuroscientific applications making the completion of a course in a short time a much better option as gets you into your career faster to maximize earning capacity earlier than the 1 year stagnate courses mostly on offer.

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Discover power & transform your life in weeks. Our online life coaching courses will teach you how to change old habits, using the power of your brain.

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