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At National Plant & Equipment, we always get asked questions like this when clients are after construction machines for hire. A simple answer to this poser would point out that a grader is used to level the ground during the construction process. However, when you’re as passionate about building equipment as we are, let’s look a little deeper.


Graders, which are also known as road graders, or even motor graders, are to bulldozers and excavators what cufflinks and a whiff of cologne are to a gentleman’s outfit. After the land has been cleared and prepared, a grader (or a maintainer, as others call it) is used to ensure the fine, smooth, level finish required for quality road construction. A long blade, present at the front end of all graders, achieves this finish; this blade can be adjusted and angled, depending on the grading job. In Australia, most graders you’ll find just have the one blade, although in other countries, such as Finland, where snow and ice is prevalent, you’ll find a second blade close to the front axle.


Graders usually have three axles: two at the rear, where the cab and engine are located, and one at the front, where the work is done. Operating a grader is generally seen as one of the toughest jobs on the building site, requiring patience, precision and an eye for detail. However, modern graders make use of GPS technology, which goes some way towards automating the process and lessening the input of the operator.

Tasks that graders can be used for include:

Road construction – this is the most common usage of graders, which prepare a flat surface for asphalt to be layered on. They can also be angled to give a road camber.

Building construction – graders can also be used to ensure foundation is in place and flat prior to building work starting, particularly on larger buildings.

Snow removal – in colder areas where snowfall is common, graders function as makeshift snowploughs; similarly, in hot countries, they can be used to create dirt tracks across parched landscapes.


At National Plant & Equipment we have top-of-the-range graders for sale, including a Caterpillar 16H grader for sale, as well as a number of construction machines available for rent. We operate across Australia, including in Gold Coast and Perth, and are the ones to turn to for all your needs – whether that involves grading, digging or any other heavy equipment use.

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