VoIP Phone Systems Buying Guide For Small Businesses

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  • Published February 19, 2016
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VoIP Phone Buying Guide For Small Businesses

VoIP phones are great for small businesses, if you have not already seen our previous blog article which details 7 reasons why your business should be moving to VoIP phones, Find Out More... Due to the nature of a VoIP phone, they are great for small businesses & offices as they are:

VoIP Phone System For Small Business Benefits

✓ Cost effective

✓ Continuity friendly

✓ Remote working friendly

✓ Scalability friendly

✓ Effective for audio quality

✓ Feature rich

VoIP Phones

We are going to take you through a buying guide. We will detail what you need to consider and how your business should best implement VoIP phones. Of course the requirements are going to be dependent on the size of your business, however choosing a VoIP phone could indeed cost your businesses next to nothing or it could in fact leave your business with unparalleled up front costs. Be sure to Arrange A Call Back, if you are thinking of making to switch to VoIP.

Things To Consider For VoIP Phones

✓ Is your broadband strong - CHECK NOW

✓ Will you need continuity options i.e. power over Ethernet

✓ What telephone will you use for your VoIP solutions - BROWSE NOW

✓ Is it cheaper to go VoIP vs traditional, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK

What You'll Need For Successful VoIP Phones

✓ Strong broadband access - (This is vital as VoIP is broadband hungry)

✓ A VoIP phone adapter with router (depending on your requirements)

✓ A cordless or corded telephone

✓ A battery backup for power over Ethernet (If you want continuity options)

VoIP Phones For Small Businesses

VoIP phones definitely give small businesses substantial reasons to switch over from a traditional phone system, the benefits are too significant to ignore. You save capital as you are putting voice over internet protocol and your business will also be able to implement a fail safe option. We would suggest that your business does ensure you have strong reliable broadband before considering VoIP phone solutions, if you are not quiet sure give us a call on 03333 66 33 33 and let us check for you.

Consider The Negatives Of Using VoIP Phones

Your business should also consider the negative implications for incorporating VoIP phones. The 1st negative is of course if your internet service is disrupted, naturally so will your VoIP phone service. Another negative to using VoIP phones is, emergency calls can become something of a challenge, they do not use NANP phone numbers so there is no location association, meaning there is no way of emergency services knowing where you are in the event of an emergency if you were outside the office. Also consider the latency and traffic issues, if you don't have the best broadband connection then your VoIP phone service will suffer with, stutters and latency in services which means poor quality calls. (Do consider that many of the negatives are associated with poor broadband).

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