Adding A Personal Touch To Existing Monuments


  • Author John Woo
  • Published May 23, 2016
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Ceramic photos for headstones have been one of the most remarkable ways to add an exquisite personal touch to an existing monument. Whether placed on a grave marker, headstone or even a mausoleum niche, the ceramic pictures add interesting personal touches that are elegant and delicate.


Paying tribute to a lost one can be best achieved with ceramic photos for headstones. The picture is always realistic and portrays a special way of calling out the people who pass by to make them stop and look at the headstone. Even if they didn’t know the deceased, the ceramic photos for headstones add a certain realistic touch and have come a long way from where they were first created.

There is a wide variety of ceramic photos for headstones you can choose on the marketplace. Also known as ceramic pictures, cemetery pictures, headstone pictures, grave marker pictures, memorial pictures or just ceramic photos – the main difference in each lies in the style of the ceramic plate.

There are number of styles for ceramic photos for headstones. For example, a memorial photo is an oval and full color ceramic photo – while a headstone picture is the same shape but in black and white colors, resembling the loss of a loved one. The ceramic pictures for grave markers are quite popular, just as the ceramic photos for headstones.


The truth is, ceramic photos for headstones have been an all-time choice for people losing a loved one. The ethereal appearance of the gray tones creates a remarkable image of someone very loved – bringing a tear to the eye every time the photo is seen.

The advantage of modern technology has additionally brought changes in headstones. Ceramic photos for headstones can now be corrected when needed, accented with a beautiful background or even combining an image of two people. They can be even supplied upon request – and previewed and modified if necessary – before the photo goes to production.

Ceramic photos for headstones are eternal and capture a moment that relives the still image. Ideal for memorials and stone monuments, they open a door for many future generations to be abreast of the deceased and gain a sense of the time and days before as well as the personality of their loved ones.

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