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  • Author Sara Maggiolo
  • Published May 25, 2016
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Clean-cut and fascinatingly stylish, the newest table designs are strikingly simple, yet magnificent. With brands such as Ikea taking over the consumer market, it is ever so hard for elite furniture designers to create models which can satisfy the client's need for simplicity and functionality at the same time. However, there are many an option for any kind of home already. Most stores will be able to provide excellent diversity no matter the purpose, space available, and dimensions sought.

The problem is: how do we begin our search for the perfect table?

The Purpose

Do we need a small, short-legged, and sturdy coffee table for our living room or do we need to have a folding legs table for our workshop? This is the main question we need to answer first. Other types include the large dining table, known to us from the various movies and our parents' family villa, the lovely four-person round-top table for modern-day dining, and of course the typical wicker garden dining table.

Width and Height

These are the basics, too. If you need a coffee table, or something you can use for a table to take thing from – the lower the height the better. However, for fully fledged dining purposes, you will need a table with enough height to have a comforting and enjoyable meal on a daily basis. Only exception are those meant for Japanese-style dining rooms where you sit on the floor or on soft cushions.

The width depends entirely on the space available and the amount of people you plan using it. Standard tables are made for four people, though they may still be a bit crowded if you plan on serving according to the etiquette.

Colours, Textures, Materials

Go with the fashion; you can never be wrong with natural materials and textures. The new year came with an exceptional trend – nature, space, and magic.

Marble-imitating wall covering,

stone-based façades,

opal-made table tops.

Yes, natural gemstones, rocks, minerals, woods, and even flowers will make your home or workshop look pretty, modern, trendy, but also welcoming.

Whatever you wish to use your table for, keep in mind the budget. Although there are exceptional offers for trendy and haute-couture tables on the market, you may also consider the low-cost replicas, just in case. The real challenge is picking one of the many suitable options, but we are certain you can do it best!

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