What Is An Internal Telephone System?

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The telecommunications industry can be very confusing, terms such as ISDN, VoIP, SIP, PBX PSTN etc. There are many abbreviations of the same term. Within this article we detail what an internal business telephone system is & how it can benefit your business.

What Is An Internal Telephone System?

An internal phone system refers to an telephone line which communicates to the PBX. The PBX refers to a private branch exchange where the phone lines communicate directly to the system to allow telephony functionality, as well as internal & external communication. Always review your business telephone systems & keep them up to date with technology.

How Does An Internal Telephone System Function?

An internal phone system functions by incorporating a number of internals lines connected to the PBX, this allows employees within the office to make internal & external calls free of charge, this is by use of a phone extension for example dial 201 to speak to Dave, or press 9 to dial out to make an external call. When a call from outside of the office comes in it is transferred & connected to the public switch telephone network, then lines will seek to answer that call. Telephone systems are key to your businesses communications.

Benefits Of An Internal Telephone System?

One of the most significant advantages of incorporating such technologies is the high levels of efficiency, your phone systems are crucial, it is one of the most effective methods to establish coordinated communication at a low cost:

✓ Improve communications between employees within the office

✓ Cost effective & efficient

✓ Allow for business flexibility

✓ Improved customer communication

✓ Connect sites across the country

✓ Feature rich

Internal Phone Systems Suitability

The internal telephone system can be a useful asset to all businesses, they tend to jell well with medium sized enterprises or businesses who have multiple offices across the country. Enterprises whos main operation it is to provide consulting services can benefit from a internal phone system. This technology is not just suited to medium sized businesses or businesses with multiple locations, they can be installed within a business which has 2-25 extensions who might have plans to grow or remain the same. ISDN support will be switched off in 2025, your phone systems will need to be digital and ran through VoIP, SIP or Cloud.

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