Wedding Rings For Men: 27 Key Facts You Must Know Before Purchasing

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Wedding Rings For Men: 27 Key Facts You Must Know Before Purchasing

You’ll probably agree, that if you’re looking for wedding rings for men, and you don’t know all that much about jewelry, it may be hard to find the information you need all in one place. Consider the issue of all the various styles. A man’s wedding ring may be the only piece of jewelry he wears. Should it be a classic and simple wedding bands for men that his father and grandfather wore, or something with a more modern design or even venturing into something with some panache? Style, metal choices, width, durability, and the cost of the ring are all important factors. Also, these days, with conflict metals, ethics should also be a basic consideration.

The good news is if you’re looking for information on wedding rings for men, this is very likely the most comprehensive article you’ll be able to find. (I like to be thorough, very thorough.) You’ll get the basics and the real story, and the information you can use right now in order to make an informed purchase. Best of all, you’ll learn key facts about wedding rings for men that few other jewelers would reveal.

We’ll start with the most basic question first:

What Makes A Mens Wedding Ring A Mans Wedding Ring?

The simple answer to this question is, if you are a man and you like the ring, then it is a mans wedding ring. The consideration men often have is, is the ring too feminine or not masculine enough? This is totally a personal preference. For example, while some men might consider this two tone wedding rings too feminine, we’ve sold this design to men over and over again. Yet, jewelers do break out collections of wedding rings, designating some as mens rings and some as women’s rings. In the case of gender, the sort is usually based upon two criteria: width and style.

The Width of Wedding Rings For Men

Mens wedding bands are most often wider than wedding rings for women. Since men generally have larger hands, proportionally men want larger rings. Mens wedding rings also tend to be heavier, wider and sometimes even chunkier. In context to width, a mens wedding band generally ranges from 5mm to 8mm wide. Typically, men do not choose under 5mm for their wedding rings with perhaps the exception of classic comfort fit wedding bands. Men do not go much over 8mm width even if they have large hands. This perimeter is not iron clad of course, but rather based upon what I’ve noticed selling rings to men over the past twenty plus years.

However, there are additional outlier considerations.

Mens Engagement Rings?

With gender equality, both men and women are proposing to men and why not? Engagement is an important cultural tradition and an essential bridge to the lifelong commitment. Mens engagement rings are a beautiful reminder of a man’s commitment that he can show and celebrate with his greater community. One survey revealed that 71% of men would be open to wearing an engagement ring. But, if you are going to be wearing a wedding and engagement ring together, like in bridal ring sets, then consider the width, and how it will feel to wear the two rings at the same time.

The Bottom Line:

The Width of Wedding Rings for Men The most importing thing to consider in context to width is what you are most comfortable with. But, the width of the ring impacts the style, design or motifs of the ring because the wider the surface of the ring, the more room there is for actual design, which brings us to our second criteria for mens wedding rings.


What Are The Various Styles of Mens Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings are deeply personal in what they represent. They are an outward sign of deep commitment to oneself, one partner and one’s community. Also, all wedding rings have innate symbolism. Their circular shape represents wholeness, community and unity. Style is a way in which a man can express something unique about his own individuality and partnership simultaneously. The number of different styles for mens rings is almost infinite, but we will simplify it here by breaking it down into two broad categories: classic and designer.

The Classic Mens Wedding Ring

For some, the wedding ring decision is easy: a classic wedding band. Chances are that your parents and grandparents wore one of the more traditional and simple wedding bands.The vast majority of men choose to go with this time-tested style because of its simplicity, elegance and ageless traditional appearance. But even within this perimeter, there are many, many variations. The top of a ring can be domed, or rounded off, as shown here. Or edges can be flat and straight, like here. Also, the inside of rings can be made comfort fit, which means that the interior of the ring is rounded off or curved, instead of flat. Basically, the convex metal and wider edges make the ring more comfortable to wear.

Designer Mens Wedding Rings

Every mans wedding band holds intention as a physical representation of ceremonial commitments. And it can also, in its very design, be an object of great craftsmanship and inspiration. As for what that design may be, your imagination is the only limit, but here are just a few examples.

But…What Wedding Ring Does Your Partner Want?

There are no rules of matching or not matching you and your partners’ wedding bands. You don’t have to match, but many couples do prefer to. What’s fun is that you don’t have to match exactly, but you can choose to match through metal choice, style, gemstones, motif or any other various ways. Many wedding rings are part of larger collections with varied widths, from narrow to wide, such as is the case of the many styles of our river ring collection or the Wind and Waves collection. Even if you do not find an exact match, many jewelers can do variations through a custom design process, which we are particularly fond of, experienced with and have lots of fun with.


What’s The Best Metal For A Mens Wedding Ring?

Are you someone who prefers the cool tones of platinum wedding rings or the warm radiance of 18K yellow gold wedding rings? Metal and style are intimately connected to the aesthetics of your ring. The choice of what metal you opt for in your wedding ring is actually a topic of considerable complexity.

14 or 18 Karat or Caret Wedding Rings?

The word, karat, derives from the word, caret. Caret first came to use in Greek-Roman society as a unit of weight related carob seeds, which are surprisingly similar.

14K Yellow Gold Wedding Rings vs. 18K Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

An 18K gold mens wedding ring is .75% pure gold, while a 14K gold mens wedding ring is .585% percent pure gold. Metal alloy makes up the balance. Here’s what you need to know. Whether a 14K or 18K yellow gold mens wedding band is best for you depends upon personal preferences.

Advantages of 18K Gold Wedding Bands For Men

The most important quality of an 18K gold wedding ring is its high gold content. If you compare an 18K gold ring with a 14K gold ring, you’ll see that the 18K has more radiant beauty simply because it is 75% pure gold vs. .585% in a 14K ring. Higher carat gold also has more cache. Fine jewelry refers to 18K gold, not 14k. Some jewelry brands only produce in 18K as a signet of their brand value and prestige.


In the case of 14K vs. 18K, unless you do abrasive activity with your hands, we recommend choosing an 18K mens wedding band. If you love the natural color of gold, the radiant warmth of 18K yellow is also an excellent choice because it has a very exquisite color and feeling tone.

The additional price is worth it for a lifetime investment.


White Metal Colors In Mens Wedding Rings

These days, most couples prefer the cool contemporary tone of white metal wedding rings. But how white does this white have to be? Currently, whiteness is scaled against a "yellowness index" (YID) created by Gretag Munsel, as determined by a color spectrophotometer. Yellow is expressed by a greater number, which ranges from a pure white to a white that borders with beige.

Machine-Made Mens Wedding Bands

Most of the mens rings made today are generated on CADCAM files, and then emailed to modeling machines which then replicates for mass production. Another method for creating commercial mens rings is dye striking. Two pieces of steel, one male and one female, brought together by using as much as fifty tons of pressure, to essentially "strike" a piece of metal into the desired form.

Both these mass production methods create beautiful but (in our opinion) soulless rings.

Final Thoughts About Mens Wedding Rings

The tradition of wearing wedding rings is six thousand years old; back when rings were made from braided reeds of grass, or help was exchanged, to represent the ever-lasting love of the couple. The finger on the left hand isn’t randomly chosen; the left handed ring finger, according to the ancient Egyptians, houses the Vena amoris, the "vein of love" which connects directly to the heart. There are so many different considerations when purchasing wedding rings, but there is no right or wrong decision. Like the ancient Egyptians and all the fulfilled married couples since then, it is all about connection with the heart. Choosing a wedding ring is just an expression of that first step of a heartfelt commitment that will confidently last the rest of your lives. What’s most important is what feels right for the both of you.

Marc Choyt is the US based Brand Ambassador for Reflective Images Jewelry. The company designs and create wedding rings for men, mens wedding rings,engagement rings,gold wedding rings and jewelry in their Santa Fe, New Mexico studio. Reflective Images specializes in handmade, ethically sourced designer jewelry and is the first Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the USA.

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