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  • Published March 5, 2017
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Cats, like people, have lots of different personalities. There is no way to predict how friendly or affectionate any kitten will be but breeders have seen traits in select breeds that are typically friendlier than others. So, if you are looking for a true snuggler, look for one of these breeds.

Scottish Fold – These cats are extremely friendly and love to cuddle. They have a great temperament and enjoy children. Their patience is so good, they will usually allow you to dress them in doll clothes. The Scottish Fold loves to be near its owner. It will follow if you get up to move out of the room.

Ragdoll – They get their name because they go limp when you pick them up. This breed is laid back and quiet. They will shower you with love and want to be a part of the family. They will snuggle for hours or seek you out if they miss your attention.

Birman – This cat is like a best friend. They are intuitive, loving and freely affectionate. If you have a bad day, they are there to comfort you. If you are happy, they are there, ready to play. The Birman creates a strong bond with its owner and is very loyal.

Burmese – Best known for their dog-like behavior, the Burmese will follow people like a dog. This cat builds a strong bond with its owner but is open and friendly to everyone. They enjoy playing and retrieving items. Their personality remains kitten-like all their lives.

Exotic Shorthair – These cats have the same placid temperament as the Persian. They have the same squashed facial features as well and are often referred to as a Persian in Pajamas. The Exotic Shorthair is very gentle and affectionate and make great family pets due to their calm nature.

Persian – These cats take a laid-back approach to life but have a keen mind. They adore human companionship and can become moody if left alone for long periods. The Persian will lavish its owner with affection and are very enthusiastic when interacting with its family. They make great pets for homes with children and other pets.

Manx – This breed is known as the tailless cat but actually have a small, stumpy tail. They love to jump, run and play and are very quick. The Manx is noted for its intelligence and enjoys play time with its owner as well as being freely affectionate.

Abyssinian – This beautiful, sleek cat is very out-going and friendly. They willing accept all the people they come across and love to play. Some even enjoy water and going for a swim. This cat is very loyal and lavish attention on their owners.

Somali – These cats love to be in the spotlight. They have a playful, kitten-like demeanor even into adulthood. Playing is always on their mind but a good cuddle with their owner is their first choice.

Maine Coon – This gentle giant is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. They have a thick, long coat and are very intelligent. The Maine Coon builds very strong bonds with its owner and loves to play and hunt.

While there are many cat breeds to consider when choosing a family pet, these are some of the most friendly and affectionate. A loving and playful kitty can make life easier in any home. The choice may not be easy but your family will enjoy every minute with the one you chose.

Some of my cats have been very affectionate and loving while others have not. My current cat only has certain times each day that he looks for extra attention. I just work with his preferences so we can enjoy our time together.

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