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  • Published March 31, 2017
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The Siberian is a glamorous native cat of Russia. They have been known to be around for some 1,000 years and are often part of Russian folktales. Let’s discover more about this beautiful feline.

Siberians first came to the United States in 1990 but weren’t recognized by the International Cat Association until 1996. They have a beautiful long coat with large round eyes in a modified wedge-shaped face. Medium-large ears with tufts of fur complete their sweet look. The breed has a reputation for being hypoallergenic due to its lower production of Fel d1 – an antigenic protein. While no cat is truly hypoallergenic, research is being done to see why those with allergies may be able to tolerate this breed.

This is a large cat when full grown, averaging 15-20 pounds. It can take up to five years for a Siberian to reach its full size and coat. They are very muscular but also agile. Their hind legs are longer than their front giving them excellent jumping abilities. You may find them balancing on top of a doorway or propelling to the highest point in a room. Siberians are an active and playful cat. They will instigate a game of fetch and will choose any item they find intriguing. Teaching them tricks can be a fun way to challenge their busy brain. Because of their forest dweller heritage, these cats like water. You can find them drinking from fountains or faucets, making puddles by their water dish and even splashing you in the tub.

The Siberian has a warm heart and loves people. This affectionate cat will follow you around no matter where you go. Their desire to "help" you with everything being the driving force. Siberians are very happy to tell you about their day with quiet, pleasant trills and chirps interspersed with some soft meows and purrs. Sitting in your lap being combed may be the highlight of their day. They have a very calm nature and have potential to be a therapy cat. This is not a needy cat and will wait patiently for you to have time for them. They are not shy around guests and will be a very genial host.

Siberians have a thick triple layered coat. An abundant ruff around the neck with slightly shorter hair on the shoulder blades is typical of this breed. They have a muscular body with rounds paws with tufts of fur and a thickly furred tail. Their undercoat will thicken in colder weather and thin in warmer weather. Brushing and combing a couple times a week is necessary to prevent tangles or mats. The coat will shed seasonally in spring and fall requiring more frequent grooming at those times. Bathing is rarely needed and can be difficult due to their water-resistant coat. Other routine care required would be dental hygiene, nail trims and ear cleaning.

The Siberian is a hearty and healthy cat with a bold temperament. Not much will ruffle their composure. They are happy to live with other cats and dogs but want them to know they are in charge. When looking for a pet, look at the Siberian to fit in well.

Cats are beautiful animals whether they have long or short hair.  Grooming can be relaxing for them and for you.  Enjoy the time spent keeping your feline looking good.

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