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  • Author Chelsey Bullock
  • Published March 29, 2017
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Yay! It's finally that time where you have decided that you are ready for new flooring in your home. You have been looking at that old carpet, tile, or wood floors for far too long. You have your budget written, and you may have already decided on what type of flooring you would like. Now, it's time to find a contractor.

First- Do your research: In today’s society there are numerous ways to find contractors. Open up the phone book or computer to find contractors in your area that has a listed website. View their websites. Check if they have a testimonial page where you can explore previous customer comments. Read their business profile page to get a feel of how they value their company. And check to make sure they install the type of flooring you want.

Second- Ask around: Word of mouth can carry very far. Ask your neighbors, coworkers, relatives, etc., about their flooring and if they would recommend their former contractor.

Third- Check for licenses and insurance information: This task can easily be asked over the phone or sometimes they are visible on their website. Their license explains to you that they have taken steps to further their skills and knowledge in the field, and they know their trade. Insurance, in part, is just as important. Contractors should carry two types of insurance: liability and workers compensation. Both, help to protect the homeowner in two drastic ways. First, liability insurance protects your home if there is damage caused. Second, workers compensation protects you if an employee gets injured on the job, while in your home. Both, the license and insurance will save you the stress and risks involved with hiring unqualified help. Protect yourself and your home from costly mistakes.

Fourth- Ask for examples: Contractors should be able to show you previous work that they have done. View their websites for images of past flooring or ask for pictures. Their previous work will give you an idea of how your flooring will look, and if they performed the job to your liking.

Fifth- Budget: Now, this may be tricky. You want a contractor that is licensed and insured, but not ridiculously outside your budget area. A budget is necessary and always the deciding factor in many decisions. A good licensed and insured contractor will also be willing to work with you and your budget. If the contractor goes outside your budget a little, but still holds all the qualifications we have talked about above, then still consider them for the job. Make sure the communication is there, and you are comfortable with the future steps and installment plan of your flooring.

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