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  • Published May 31, 2017
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If you get tired of narrow jeans and khakis are not your style for relaxed afternoons, you might consider men's relaxed jeans. These are the jeans that a pattern reminiscent of the standard model that was popular around the mid-nineties. The waist is the exact place and legs are slightly extended, that jeans model resembles that most of us will see as a "normal model." But if you did not think about lying-on-the-couch jeans, or you are confused with labels, you are at the right place. We present to you the basic difference in the cut.

Slim fit, regular fit or relaxed fit, what do you choose, the question is now

When we say "fit" and talking about jeans we usually meant to the seat and thigh. For you "slim fit" and " skinny leg" may sound similar, but the question is about totally different things. "Fit" describes your buttock and your thighs.

It just tells you what you can expect.

Slim fit jeans

The slim fit jeans are made to hug your legs and your butt because they have the least fabric in the rear panels, so thigh openings are thinner and narrower than the original cut. They are optimal solutions for guys that want to show their body, but most men find it uncomfortable and some even think that it is ugly. Perhaps, depends on what generations, those men belong. Middle aged man and some older generations do not enjoy in similarity with women fashion, but everyone should remember that the fashion gives you the freedom to pick up what you find most beautiful and the most comfortable. If for something is the truth that the beauty is always in the eye of the watcher, that is for fashion.

Regular fit jeans

Regular fit is the most common among men of every generation. Precise measures depend on a brand to brand, but they are made similarly as traditional blue models which mean little additional space against the buttock and some room in the crotch. This model is suitable for a man that have no extra weight on thighs or butt.

Relaxed fit jeans

Relaxed fit jeans have more fabric in the back, and little extends the rise, and leg openings, too. For some, this is the association of overweight men, but that can simply be a clever solution for men with stronger thighs or for body type known as "footballer butt" that includes strong glutes and thighs, but narrow waist and calves. It is interesting that a lot of athletes end up in relaxed fit jeans.

Moreover, relaxed straight jeans may be simply your choice when you do not want to dress much and want to relax without any squeezing and tightening. Every world's brand has its own ideas how the human body should look, and it is crucial to understand the differences in the wish that easily find the perfect relaxed jeans for men model for you.

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