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  • Published July 3, 2017
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"Measure twice, cut once." That’s a quote many of us have heard, and a lot of us can use every day. We all know how strenuous it can be to constantly take out an engine, and some of us dread engine work for that very reason. When it comes to repairing an automotive engine, you want it to run right, the first time. Now you can! Today we take a clear look at engine test stands, and how one can help you diagnose issues much quicker, saving you time and heartaches.

Engine test stands are pieces of equipment any garage geek or automotive technician can use in their workspace. One of them is exactly what you need to diagnose, tune, and repair an engine block. An engine test stand comes in super handy and you’ll never want to do another engine project without one. If you’re looking at an engine test stand, there is one that beats out all the others with flying marks. Let’s take a look today at what makes a quality engine test stand.

A Quality Engine Test Stand Starts Here

Engine test stands are built specifically for one reason, to mount an engine on so you can test it outside of your car. An engine test stand is different than the rest for many reasons.

Ease of access should be one of the top qualities you expect out of an engine test stand. There’s little room for a stand that obscures parts of your engine, parts that may need fixing. engine test stands make it easy to diagnose and repair any part of your engine, thanks to its unique design that provides great ground clearance. Each model has a base frame, 54" or 66" in length that has a cross member in the middle with a cradle mount to support the engine block. The radiator, tool tray, dash panel and rear mount system are all easily removable, so when those aren’t being used you can take them off and have even more room to work on your engine.

Safety is yet another quality that many engine test stands lack but the engine test stand does not. The fuel tank and battery are kept separate from each other, one in the front and other in the rear, with the exhaust staying inside the frame rails. There is a Master Switch on the dash panel, in case of an emergency. The radiator can be moved up and down to limit the formation of air pockets inside the engine. It’s easy to remove the Bellhousing to inspect any R/Main and/or O/Pan leaks. Above all, the stand is extremely stable, even when a high output engine is mounted.

Mobility is a bonus for an engine test stand. engine test stand comes with 6" casters (8" casters are optional) that provide easy rotation of a stand, room to slide underneath the stand to work on the base of an engine, and make transport a lot easier. Besides casters, you want your engine test stand to be storable. Most stands turn into dusty rag bars in the corner of your workshop when not in use. That’s not what an engine test stand is for! Find a stand that, when not in use, can be easily broken down back into its packaging and tucked away appropriately until used again.

We know the importance of measuring twice, cutting once, and that’s exactly what the Easy-Run engine test stand is for. Don’t start on your next engine project without taking a look at our engine test stands. They are the highest quality, and are test proven by the professionals for their excellence. For more information about our stands, give us a call at (800) 734-0634 or online at http://easy-run.net.

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