6 Trends for Decorating your Small Bathroom


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  • Published July 17, 2017
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If you own a small bathroom, you definitely know that making it look spacious and trendy can be quite a task. Although it is a challenging one, it is entirely possible. This year, you don’t have to dream of that expansive bathroom you have always longed for. Instead, you can make the most of what you have. All you need to make the much-needed change are cute decor ideas.

Repainting job

It all starts by giving the bathroom walls a new coat. You can always benefit from different colors Leafy green is a good option for small bathrooms. Besides making them appear bigger, it also sets in a cheerful. Bright white has also been great with such bathroom models. The bottom line is; be choosy when it comes to colors because not every hue is great for a tiny bathroom.

Explore accent pieces

Many people simply fail to recognize the power of decor accents. Take your time to consider the placement and colors of these decors. If carried out thoughtfully, anyone stepping inside your bathroom will be stunned by the beauty instead of thinking about the size.

Time to rethink the lighting

Most people tend to overlook the power of ideal lighting in a small room. The bathroom is where you spend a couple of minutes in the morning, getting ready for the big day ahead. Make every minute count by bringing in appropriate lighting fixtures and styles. Choose a fixture that not only provides adequate lighting but also adds elegance to the small bathroom space.

Choose an ideal focal point

One way of shifting the attention of people from the size the look of your bathroom is by opting for an ideal focal point you can easily build around. Whatever you opt for should be dependent on your preferences. In the past, many homeowners have opted for mirrors and carefully chosen artwork pieces. Think of what a beautiful eye candy can do to your small bathroom. You will be too occupied admiring the beauty to think of the limited space. The trick lies in choosing the perfect spot that will draw attention right from the beginning.

Consider dramatic flooring

Apart from the walls, you can draw away unnecessary attention on the size of your bathroom by investing in dramatic tile designs. Regardless of your taste and preference, there is always a design that will make you feel like staying in the bathroom longer. Be bold enough to bring in large tile floors inside your small bathroom.

Adopt floral mural paint

Great paintings come in various colors and designs. The idea of incorporating a statement stencil to your small bathroom walls is something worth embracing. Introduce fresh breath to your bathroom by bringing in the floral mural paint. If you aren’t certain of bringing it out perfectly, do not hesitate involving a professional.

A small bathroom shouldn’t necessarily mean a dull space. You can make the most out of your bathroom space by being creative with what’s at your disposal. All you need are pools of tricks from award winning bathroom designers.

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