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Hire Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Getting a carpet for your floor comes with plenty of benefits. For one, it’s a warm and crisp feeling underfoot. This is attributed to the cosy and fuzzy nature of the fibres, plus the tiny pockets that trap air and act as an insulator. This also enables the carpet to maintain a constant temperature through both hot and cold months, allowing you to slash the energy bills that you incur. That very same trapped air providing the insulation also helps to reduce sound reverberation. Basically, you won’t have sounds bouncing off the floor surfaces and vibrating through the material, thus reducing the echoes and noise levels. The enhanced acoustics minimise sound transmission between floors, and also help in providing a quiet and conducive environment both at home and at your workplace. What's more, the carpet also comes with cushioning abilities. Items dropped onto the floor, your toddler trying to balance the steps as he tries to walk, all through to the elderly persons with walking difficulties, have their risks of injury reduced. This is further enhanced by the increased traction provided by its fibres, compared to the cold hard surface underneath. The carpet also brings on board its particular charm. This depends on the designs, patterns and material that you chose to match the style of your interior space. Neutral, bold, rustic or whichever tone you want to set up, there'll be a carpet for you. It enables you to establish a luxurious look and feel in your residential or commercial establishment- whether you want simply want to enjoy the pleasures of sitting or walking barefoot on it at home, or enhance the decor of your business premises to portray a professional image to your clients. In order to keep it in optimum condition all through, you will be required to schedule occasional carpet cleaning.

Gradually, as time passes by, your carpet builds up dirt. Some is tracked onto it under the feet of the clients and employees in your business premises, or those family members and guests at home that come in forgetting to take off their shoes. Where there are people, chances are there will be food and drink spills, whether it's at the dinner table at home or those snacks being enjoyed at the reception area or employee lounge in your commercial establishment. Stains and odours form, ruining the decor of the premises. Then there are those skin flakes being shed. With the average person clocking over one million flakes a day, and the majority winds up in the carpet. The more the people there are in the premises, the faster this occurs. The flakes provide nourishment for the hordes of dust mites breeding and growing within the fibres. These, plus other creatures like the insects coming over to feed on the food crumbs, leave behind their body waste, adding to the gunk. Getting professional carpet cleaning services is vital in eliminating all the grime that is formed.

Benefits Of Turning To Professional Carpet Cleaning Dublin Services

  1. The latest in carpet cleaning technology

In order to provide timely and effective results, our carpet cleaning team uses state-of-the-art hot water extraction systems, which completely remove the dirt, grime and pollutants from the fibres. In fact, this is the most preferred method of cleaning by carpet manufactures around the world- and with good reason. First, the soiling and stains are broken down and easily removed. Secondly, it gets to the deep sections of the pile where the grime has solidified, and forces it up to the surface, so you won’t have to worry about gunk being left behind in the carpet. Thirdly, rinsing is easy and efficient, ensuring that the carpet is residue-free and gets softer. Moreover, the suction that is used gets rid of a huge percentage of the moisture. The remainder dissipates off quickly under room conditions, allowing normal living and work life to resume in your establishment after a short while. This has the added benefit of ensuring that fungi don’t have time to develop, preventing an infestation from occurring.

  1. All-round services

Our carpet cleaning systems handle the diverse range of material, to get rid of the dirt and grime while protecting the structure of the carpet. From the Saxony carpets that are popular for living rooms and lounges, to the rich-textured velvet carpets with colours indulging your feet- and eyes- in the bedrooms, polypropylene or polyamide carpets that are designed to withstand the high wear in busy areas like hallways, stairs and the landing, the wool carpets in your dining rooms and offices that make every meal enjoyable and every meeting classy and professional, to the stain-resistant carpets with waterproof gel backing used in bathrooms and kitchens. We work on both kinds of carpets- synthetic and natural, with their different designs ranging from patterned carpets that give out a bold statement, on-trend contemporary styles, and plain carpets that can have a dramatic colour or a neutral finish, and even striped carpets with the contrasting colours.

  1. Enhances air quality

As your carpet is filtering the air, it is trapping everything from pollen, pollutants like particles of cigarette smoke and car exhaust that get wafted into the building or brought in on peoples clothes, eventually getting dropped onto the carpet, all through to allergens like the body waste of insects, critters, and those microscopic dust mites, which are allergens. As they continue building up, it becomes easier for them to be dislodged from the fibres as people walk about, and kicked into the air, from where they are breathed in. They end up triggering allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and exacerbating conditions like emphysema and bronchitis. Even when they land on the skin like when your kids are playing on the carpet they can inflame eczema. The carpet cleaning comes in to prevent those from happening, by getting rid of the source of the problem- that dirt piling up in the carpet, also freeing up the fibres to continue filtering the air.

  1. Quality services at friendly prices

The carpet cleaning comes at affordable costs, without compromising on the quality of the expected results. Moreover, the pricing is tailored to suit your particular situation, including the size, plus type, of your carpet.


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