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  • Author Al Freilich
  • Published August 2, 2017
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Your ride is dependent of a healthy engine, and what better way to keep that engine healthy then by utilizing an engine test stand. Engine test stands are the easy way to get things in the garage done. Not only do you avoid the cycle of installing your engine to find problems, you save yourself a lot of time, energy and money.

Making your own engine test stand can be more of a pain than repairing your engine. Calculating dimensions, purchasing parts, building the assembly, fine tuning, test running, and finding ways to store your DIY engine test stand is a tall task. There are a few flimsy designs on the internet, however these stands are usually one time ordeals and can’t support anything bigger than a small-block engine. Some of the better DIY designs out start around $1500, but for the price they are you may as well save yourself time, energy and headaches by looking at professional grade universal engine test stands. Figuring out a design on your own through trial and error can turn expensive, with final costs that can exceed the price of the best professional engine test stands on the market.

For many car junkies, testing an engine out on the garage floor or on a resting tire is the easy way out. However, if you look at yours or other people’s engines on a daily basis, you may want to upgrade that tire to a professional engine run stand. Professional engine test stands come with the tools you need to safely, efficiently test and diagnose problems with an engine and get it running properly before re-installation with little to no trouble.

If you own or work in an automotive repair shop, you deal with engines on a constant basis. When it comes to identifying engine problems and fixing them, there’s no better way than on an engine test stand. More than likely, you want or need multiple engine test stands to take on your orders and get them back under their hoods in a timely fashion. Building your own test stands can be handy, but can you need a lot of the right equipment to build one yourself, and even harder to design one that is universal and works for all engine types that come through your shop. Invest in a quality engine test stand, and get your engine roaring in no time at all.

Get yours today! No matter which series you choose from, Easy-Run is here to help. We want you to be successful in your garage, and what better way than to give you the engine test stand you need. Don’t stress over your DIY disaster, let us provide the highest quality, test proven engine test stand built to perfection. For more information about our stands, contact us online or by phone at (800) 734-0634.

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