How to Wear Colorful Pieces from Plus Size Boutiques

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  • Published August 9, 2017
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Summer is all about having fun, doing daring things such as activities and styles you could barely rock during the winter season. It’s time to go shopping whether from physical stores or plus size boutique clothing online shops, anywhere you can find the best deals on trendy clothing fit for the summer!

For now we will be giving you helpful fashion tips to for a perfect OOTD outfit with pieces you can find from plus size boutiques

Pair it with neutral-colored or black blazers

Got a bright colorful dress? You can tone it down so you can still rock it as a corporate wear for a day at the office just by adding a well-fit and structured blazer to add edges to your natural curves. A neutral-colored or black blazer will perfectly match any color so you should always have one of these in your wardrobe.

Match with a pair of white skinny jeans

Any bright and colorful top will always match with a classic pair of white skinny jeans and then you can pick on any footwear you want to match your mood.

Try a solid-colored skinny jeans with a fitted tank top

Another way to add oomph to your outfit is wearing a bright and colorful pair of skinny jeans and matching it with a fitted tank top that’s either white or within the neutral color palette to make sure it works. It’s a foolproof way of being picture-ready for that OOTD photo.

Burst of colors + prints

What’s more wild than a solid-colored dress? A bright colored dress with prints! With so many plus size boutiques all over the internet, you will surely find one that has what you need.

Grab a pair of colorful floral pants and a solid-colored top

Aside from wearing a solid-colored pair of skinny jeans, there are a bunch of floral printed harem pants that you can buy at plus size boutique clothing online shops at an affordable price.

Color blocking

Just because you’re wearing a top that is bright and colorful, doesn’t mean you can’t do the same for your bottom wear such as for your skirt or your pants. Try color blocking, a trend that started just a couple of years ago that involves wearing 2-3 separate solid-colored garments for not just a pop, but pops of colors.

One color scheme

Feeling matchy-matchy for a casual day out? Defy the fashion rules and wear an all-over pink outfit from your head accessories to your top, bottoms, and even down to your shoes. Pick any color that you want and for sure you’ll be getting a double-tap worthy post on Instagram.

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