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  • Published August 23, 2017
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If you are looking for a new refrigerator, you may be wondering which type to select. There are five main types that you will notice in the stores. Consider which one is right for your usage. If you need any repairs, send for the Appliance Doctor anywhere in NYC. Here are descriptions of the five kinds of refrigerators to help you with your decision.

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You may be most familiar with the top-freezer refrigerators. It’s a classic look that has been popular for some years. It provides ample space to accommodate platters or pizza boxes. This ensures functional space in this useful appliance. However, it isn’t practical if you have any injuries or restrictions. The crisper tends to be at the bottom, so you will spend a lot of time bending to access your groceries. If this isn’t an issue, then this is the most cost-effective option particularly if you are a limited budget.

Alternatively, you could consider the bottom-freezer refrigerators. It hasn’t been around for as long as the top-freezer models, however, has more practicalities. It ensures your daily items are at eye-level. While all your freezer items are at the bottom, the drawer makes it easy to access your frozen goods. These tend to be slightly more expensive than top-freezer options, yet you can still get a great deal.

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Side-by-side refrigerators are another option that divides your appliance vertically. This is beneficial if you are limited with space, particularly for door clearance. It has gained popularity due to visual appeal and the optional extra features. These include ice makers and dispensers, water dispensers and TV screens. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to store wide items due to the narrow shelves. Regardless of which style you choose, the Appliance Doctor can repair your unit.

If you are looking for something custom, then you can opt for a built-in refrigerator. Perhaps you have an awkward space to accommodate, or you just want to create a particular look. Choosing an integrated design ensures you get what you want. This unique option provides you with a high-quality appliance to meet your specifications. However, they are more expensive than the other options mentioned.

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Refrigerator drawers also provide a way to work around your kitchen space without the hefty price tag of a custom unit. They are functional and can be installed under your counters for easy access. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the same amount of space other models have, however, this may suit your needs.

Consider your budget and needs when selecting from the above types of refrigerator units. Different styles suit different spaces, so it’s important to think about all of your options. If you encounter any issues with your unit, then it’s time to give the Appliance Doctor a call in NYC.

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