How To Make Birthdays More Fun With Sparkler Cake Candles


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  • Published August 31, 2017
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Sparkler cake candles come with a lot of convenience because all you have to do is light them up! There are, however, some rules that need to be followed for safety and some additional features that you need to keep in mind while using them.

The following headings show the best ways to use sparkler cake candles so that the sparks do not end up affecting the food you have.

Lighting Sparkler Candles

People who are a little paranoid about the candles shooting off sparks that can end up in their cake need to be assured that the sparks are safe as long as you respect the safe minimum distance, and will not burn anything unless the surrounding is too cramped.

The procedure is really as simple as it seems; use your lighter to spark up the candle, move back, and sing along, making the event much more aesthetically appealing.

Potential Risks

Regardless of the safety these candles are being introduced with, there are some risks involved with their usage because at the end of the day, we are dealing with a form of fire. One of the major risks is that of burning that occurs when people touch the candle right after it is used. The solution to avoid this risk is quite simple: wait for a few minutes before touching the candle after use or use a mitt for the purpose.

The sharp wire that is used to attach the candle firmly on the cake has been causing some trouble for impatient people as well, because during the removal that wire ends up poking somebody and causing unnecessary harm. This danger can be really grave if you have your eye in the sight of the sharp wire when it is being removed, so please keep away during the removal so that you can enjoy your cake in peace.


It should be noted that sparklers designed for places where food is not at stake will have different sets of properties relative to food grade ones, because they have no need to be very secure in terms of the potentially toxic chemicals they might be throwing off. Food grade sparkler candles are designed to stay as away from these chemicals as possible so that the inedible feature of the candle does not mix with the cake and end up ruining the festivities.

There are, however, some precautions that fall on your end. If you feel that the candle is giving off an unusual odor or you notice that it is disintegrating into solid waste that is being thrown off into the cake, do not ignore it. Scrape off that side portion of the cake; we understand that it ruins the look of the cake, but safety comes first.

Pictures and Satisfaction

Now that you have been very careful with how you use your sparkler candle, you have all the right to make your birthday videos and memories more special with these in the background. It has become a standard norm for birthday parties to have that one friend who is Snapchatting the entire cake cutting ceremony. That friend times his/her shots perfectly to make sure that the start to the end of the candle is captured in the video.

In addition, we as individuals do feel special when we have such decoration factors present on celebrations of our big days. Furthermore, simple candles with numbers showing the age of the person having his/her birthday celebrated are quite outdated now. So the next time you are in charge of executing a birthday for your friend, be sure to purchase the sparkler candles along with the cake and other amenities because you do not want to be behind your time!

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