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  • Published September 4, 2017
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A door is a structure that simply blocks or allows access to an entrance within an enclosed space. Specialist doors are mainly developed for very special purposes. The following designs are available in the market so as to satisfy the specific needs of different customers.

  1. Stainless steel doors

Steel is among the most used materials in the building and construction industry mainly due to its strength and durability. Commercial carbon steel does not corrode in normal dry air room temperature unlike other metals such as iron. That is why the doors are highly favored in making of doors my architects. Steel doors can be installed in any place of a room especially on the entrance of premises for security purposes. Other areas where the steel doors are common is where hygiene is a top priority such as the kitchen areas. The high-grade carbon steel is less corrosive and this makes it suitable in the coastal areas where the corrosion rates are high.

  1. Acoustic doors

An acoustic door is a type of a specialized door that is mainly used in sound-proofing. Sound-proofing is the science used in reducing the sound pressure with respect to specific sounds receptor. The doors are designed to control the amount of sound passing through a door. They are mainly employed in high noise sensitive places such as music studios or manufacturing environments. The doors are also becoming popular in offices as they are mainly attributed to reducing distractions and increasing the productivity of employees in general. Due to the high performance of the doors, they are normally harder to install compared to normal doors and should, therefore, be installed by specialized engineers.

  1. Flood protection doors

This is a type of door that is mainly specialized to reduce the dangers associated with flash floods which happen to be a battle in some areas. Sealing of a door to prevent water from leaking into your house or business premises is often a challenge. Installation of flood protection doors is a form of flood control since it helps to reduce the detrimental effects of flood waters. Flood doors offer a piece of mind to all those people living in flood-prone regions.

  1. Security doors

Security is a top priority at all times when we want to protect our homes and business premises from activities associated with burglary. Security doors are mainly installed in the main entrance of commercial and government buildings due to its strength, toughness and high resistance from breakage by invaders.

  1. Fire-resistance doors

This is simply a massive and heavy door that is mainly made from natural materials such as steel so as to protect buildings from fire hazards. Though the door will finally combust, it will offer a great resistance in slowing down the spreading of fire, by containing smoke and heat for a specific time period giving the building occupants a chance to vacate the premises.

In general, specialized doors are mainly constructed in order to suit the specific needs and interest of a customer. It might be for security purposes, beauty, flood protection or just a general domestic door.


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