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  • Author Radhika Iyer
  • Published September 18, 2017
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The cutting tool, also known as the cutter is the type of the machine used for cutting the different materials through the shear deformation. This process is achieved by either the single point or the multiple point tools. Cutting tools are harder than the materials that need to be cut down. The tools need to be strong enough to resist the heat generated by the cutting process.

As the time is changing and the new and improved technology is being introduced, there has also been a need of development in the tool making industry. The demand of the product is always high in the marketplace as the cutting tool manufacturers update their technology; they are also introducing the different types of cutters and machines. The milling cutters have the power to work the multiple materials. Following are some of the improved technology trends in the cutting tool industry.

Aluminum Machining:

Now a day the manufacturers prefer the aluminum for their plastic molds. Aluminum is the type of the material which is easily processed in the machine, can easily be curved, easily handled and the high quality. It is a unique material than the steel according to its characteristics.

While machining the aluminum material, we need to follow the certain tips, which are:

  • Choose the right geometry for machining the aluminum.

  • Choose the right grade for inserting.

  • The carbon and the diamond coating inserts are useful as they prolong the life of the tool and give the surface a smooth finish. Though theses coatings are very expensive, you will still have to consider its advantages.

  • If the insert matches the optimal geometry and grade will result in long tool life and smooth surface and low adhesiveness. The tools capabilities can also be increased with the right machine and holding system.

Mold Steel Machine:

The high feed metal removal process sees how much and fast is the metal being removed. These high feed machines are cheap and affordable with efficient work. The work is done faster 3-4 times than the other cutting machines. These machines are powerful and strong. These are stronger in geometry. These offer the strong double side and negative insert. The negative milling with the positive geometries is now used in the milling process.

In this fast paced world the manufacturing, production and efficiency is important for the company to stay in the competition with other companies. The right tool will help on bringing out the machines full capabilities and staying step to step with the new fast world.

Radhika Iyer is content crafter at BIPICO. She shares useful tips related to various metal cutting tools and its manufacturing and provides a helping hand to build a strong brand image in the international market.

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