Plus Size Boutiques Guide on How to Sell Shirts (Part I)

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  • Author Melissa Frence
  • Published September 13, 2017
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Selling of quirky graphic t-shirts has been one of the most basic and simplest way of getting into the fashion business. While it may be just that, selling and marketing it takes a lot of hard work and smart moves as well. It is important to know and be well-versed on the industry and field you choose to be working on.

To engage into the fashion business such as selling graphic shirts for plus size boutiques, there are important measures to execute to ensure a profitable business and at the same time, making it fun! So here are few simple tricks to ensure a successful graphic shirt business for plus size online boutiques.

Use creative, quirky, and unique designs

First impression lasts and same goes with the design of your shirt. Your shirt designs should be able to attract attention and impress those who have seen it. To be able to stand out in the sea of other graphic shirt businesses, you must ensure your designs are unique to your own branding. Customers will either want a plainly simple shirt with a simple text or just even a line across their shirt and they will buy it right away, while some appreciate a wilder approach on the graphic shirt’s designs. Choose what kind of design or concept you would like to concentrate on for your business and you should be fine.

Limit your color choices

No matter how great your designs are, people do have their own preference of color choices and what they like best. As much as we hate to admit it, but there are certain colors that sell more than the other ones. Let’s say you’re selling a great graphic design on a lime green shirt and you have the same design on a white shirt, the white shirt would actually sell more. However, when you the same but between a black and a white shirt, the black shirt would sell more. This is why you have to consider and take note of which colors sell out the most because if you make all colors available, you have a chance of losing profit.

Always have a black option

Just as what we have just emphasized in the previous factor, black is actually the color that sells out the most plus size online boutiques. It is because of how basic it is and how easy it is to mix and match with other articles of clothing and also because if ever it gets dirty or you accidentally spill your morning coffee on yourself, it would not be that obvious.

In the next article, we will be tackling about how to price your shirts that would not be too cheap nor too expensive for it to be sold on plus size boutiques and how to make effective advertising campaigns to get your products out there.

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